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  1. well, where else are they going to go? thru its anus?
  2. I know how to cook toast and water! I know how to make good soups without recipes and random or limited ingredients, my Dad totally can't at that though.
  3. well, this is the first time I have heard of it, but I think it is seriously wrong to make people pay to download music the person didn't even own. Yes it is illegal free or not, but still, seems sick to me for that. Paying for P2P is just sick, it isn't how things should work.
  4. well at that speed I would have a brain crash or something...
  5. well now you can add PTF themes, which is also in the Official Firmware, so yeah. But the actual XMB form itself, I am not sure, but the PTF's just replace the background, and all the icons. Nothing more, and nothing less. It isn't like some others.. But there are some good themes out there. I found a torrent with like 26 of them, so there is a bit of a variety..
  6. I haven't but I think that doctor went the wrong direction with his medicine lol..
  7. http://remix.kwed.org/files/RKOfiles/Marku...%20Poseidon.mp3 that song
  8. I don't see how he rolled like a doll on his head like he did, usually when you get hit on the head and faint, be body goes loose, not stiff
  9. wha?? That made absolutely no sense... Go read the guide on Gamefaqs..
  10. Microsoft office 2007 works for me, It was supposed to be a trial, but they glitched it up some how so whenever It asks for the key, I just exit out of the form and it works normally, I didn't even crack it
  11. lol, now a korean site(I think) http://blog.dreamwiz.com/hwasuboon?f=1 I looked at my site stats, this is in the last 7 days for the phleon images just put this in dreamweaver or something and you'll see it a lot easier, as I am too lazy to convert it to bbc right now Do you have a site stats thing this in-depth, GameCop? if so, I would like to know how many countries actually visited phleon@1emu.net
  12. well I found a page in spanish on my program lol http://www.elotrolado.net/printthread.php?...threadid=860053 http://www.dspower.es/index.php?ind=news&a...le&ide=1130 here's the transilation Phleon is an emulator of subjects of the Moonshell, although a beta is so single. Very or as it works, but it does not look like to be that it serves to change the characteristics of a subject or skin for moonshell, to modify it and to keep it. It will be necessary to see his evolution, because it can that ends up being a very useful program. and in french too! http://www.playeradvance.org/forum/showthread.php?p=149304 and another french site Can't believe it went this vast lol
  13. Is there a PBP that allows you to listen to internet web radio?(also compatable with ACC format)
  14. Quick edit fixes everything. Please refresh. thanks lol.. Also, put in "I do not know what every Moonshell's optional variables are for the configurations, however if there are any, please post examples of them, a link to a theme that uses it, and so forth. I know I am missing a few"
  15. You spelled my name wrong its not Klopklop321, its Kloplop321. Yes I know, it has been a long night for you.
  16. I like the transition between red and blue, but did you add that stereo in, or did he originally hold it? It looks too heavy to be held with that small bar at that angle without his arm being pulled down. but otherwise, nice
  17. nah, any moron wit half a brain cell would have fried their psp by sticking copper wires dirrectly from an outlet into their psp I don't care about the fame of it, but I kinda feel proud that I made it, I mean sure I could just by a $2 one off the internet, but what's the challenge of that? Plus Its good to make use out of things that have not had a use for several years.
  18. you might have a codec error or your Graphics card is glitching up, try Google-ing and downloading CCCP(really good codec pack) I don't see why Windows Explorer would have a problem with it though.. EDIT: Wait, I know why explorer might. because when it tries to get the thumbnails, it opens the codec to examine and create a picture for you to click on. the codec is also used to get information on the movie, so yeah, you probably have a codec fault
  19. thanks Mooney. I was using Gummed up scissors because I couldn't find our wire stripper, here is the picture of it with the tape(if you do not see anything, I have not uploaded it yet)
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