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  1. No, you provided exactly what I wanted(and moreso, I think). Thanks for your review!
  2. The role playing aspect is unfortunate. I found out I owned Mass Effect 2, must have got it during a steam sale over Christmas. Do you think you could compare gameplay aspects between the two?
  3. (Yes, the bots will still try) Eh, but how does the admin know that the person is real or not? Its easy when you're a dev forum for a group working secretly to make something, but for a public forum like this...
  4. Would this include Latvia? I learned of its existence because someone there tried to sign up with a spam account on my private dev forums before I put up impossible inside-joke questions.
  5. still a mess to clean up.. I know why, but WHY is someone taking the time to answer the security/bot question and publishing it on the web?
  6. Well, I've noticed that we're getting spammy status updates on the right side. Would it be possible that the permission is not granted to regular users, but only those with say 50+ post count?
  7. I want to build a new one anyway, The box still exists, but from the last plane trip, it is no longer suitable/stable enough. Yeah, everyone I've talked to so far presented that cases, even if they are worth $100, are totally forgotten about in the pricing. I plan to go up a bit. A friend said to do something where we have say "I'm selling this desktop for $1200, I'm also willing to throw in 2 screens for $200, but together, I'll make it $1350" so it sounds like a deal. Two people have already told me that 1500 would be great, but that's way over optimistic, so it should be between 1200-1000.
  8. I'm not advertising here, just asking for advice, I'd like to sell locally. I'm moving and flying to my apartment in Utah from Kentucky, a 20 minute walk after being dropped off from the shuttle would not be possible with a third item like a computer. I plan to build a new one shortly after I get there, I've already got things priced out, and I have doubts It'll cover what I would like, but I guess that's the life of computer hardware. Anyway, here's the Hardware i7 920, default 2.7Ghz, OC'd to 3.4Ghz. Quad Core with HT CPU Heatsink: Cooler Master Hyper 212 http://www.coolermas...product_id=3096 (Its cool to the touch, fan is constant rate, isn't noisy(not silent though)) Motherboard: MSI X58 SLI Platinum 3x1GB DDR3 RAM 3x2Gb DDR3 RAM Total RAM: 9GB at 1360Mhz (Normal is 1600Mhz, but for some reason the clocking mechanism didn't like my combinations until I hit that one), Scores the highest value on the Windows Experience Index at 7.7 anyway Dual NVIDIA GTS 450's in SLI mode (Brand new, practically silent) PSU: CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W (brand new, practically silent, very cool, and efficient) HDD: 500GB WD Caviar Black Case: Black Steel Full Tower: Xclio Windtunnel, comes with like 10" diameter fans which are user controlled. Case already has enough airflow to be at low temps without the fans on, only need them on when doing something like luxrender for 7 days straight. All parts listed above have been continuously cleaned to their prime throughout their lifetime, there's no buildup anywhere. Installed a legit Windows Home Premium OEM, comes with a sticker(woooo...), since I figure most target buyers don't want linux. (It can run hackintosh, but not with two graphics cards in there.) And, some obligatory pictures (album) http://imgur.com/a/pp0Oc So, what do you think I should set as my price range? Should I be flexible? I want to sell it fast, and locally, like on craigslist. I am selling as-is. What experiences have you guys had? Also, do you think it would be good to mention that I would additionally offer 2 1080p mint monitors, with cords, for an additional $200(non-flexible)? Thanks for your advice in advance.
  9. Indeed sad people, From a societal standpoint, porn, sex, et al, can be and are addictions as bad as meth. All consuming addictions, which includes the previous enumerated, are a black hole for activity, money, manhours, et al, which provides no benefit for the society. Part of the governments' systems problems are only compounded because so many people are occupied trying to fulfill their primitive desires, and do not otherwise spend time that could benefit their society. If you want to see what I mean, read Brave New World. They are too consumed in their own addictions administered by the media/government that they don't look at the problems in front of them, they're too infatuated with their lusts and self-rewarding desires that nothing ever improves.
  10. My vice is the internet. I have troubles focusing on my own programming projects as it is with ADHD. I have been working on an offline copy of the portions I use(not wikipedia), mainly reference material thanks to wget magic, but the challenge is to just disconnect myself :/
  11. I got a waffle iron and a can of air, YES NYAAAAAA
  12. A very accurate statement that some of us are not proud of.
  13. Okay, so the dev package was illegitimately obtained? I guess that makes sense.
  14. Well it's as specific as I'm prepared to be. Xbox binaries are compiled with an illegal SDK therefore posting direct links is against the rules exactly the same as with ROMs, BIOS and other illegal files. There are several different sources that people use to obtain Xbox releases, all of which can be found with a simple Google search. Forgive my ignorance, I'm not into Xbox hombrew. How can an SDK be illegal? I can understand that running unsigned applications may violate a EULA, but as far as I can tell, 'illegal' pertains here that you don't have right and/or permission to distribute or link to a distributor of another's work(BIOS, ROMs). Unless of course, Final Burn Legends contains the 2700 games that it claims to support...
  15. If this makes anyone feel better about the US government. Its all about ideology and money for these guys.
  16. Why does it feel like my post count is dropping?

    1. Alpha


      that would be hard to believe knowing how invision board only recounts the amount of posts you have if I ask it to do so. Even if I delete a post from you, your count should not change, and only increase AFAIK.

  17. The other day on the radio, they were playing a portion of a speech by newt, essentially he proposed allowing child labor laws being removed so children can do jobs in school, from janitorial to library aides DURING SCHOOL HOURS when they could be learning from our hopeless education system. I sorta want to move to another country, but all the english speaking ones are either screwing over their people, incompetent, and/or being completely nonsensical. But I guess that describes about every nation out there apart from some of the Scandinavian ones.
  18. Ron paul doesn't even get a chance at being a candidate? I guess he's not corrupt enough.
  19. Yeah and translations lose information and use assumptions. So, what's keeping 1emu on IPB?
  20. Well, I wasn't testing AJAX actions, only a fresh page load, something you can do with wget or curl. the SMF running on the Final Burn group(which I've been told is running on the same server) is very responsive, so IPB would be where the problem lies. Does IPB not have any built-in optimizations/clean ups routines? I don't mean like with SQLite Vacuum(), but the kind that gets rid of the overhead that the forum put in there for temporary reasons. Secondly, is it the exact same binary of the database from all these ages, or a restored dump?
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