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  1. BAD!!!! they took down the files and put links to the parts I already have are up, but I am still missing part 9-?
  2. well, Is the psp capable of that or what? It would be much easier to get internet access in public locations
  3. why the heck does everybody get my name wrong some-how some-way! My name has nothing ploping or anything like poop falling!
  4. why are there three prongs on most portable electronics? I don't see how Grounding could work on a DC battery , would one just be sending out like a signal stating if it was a service battery or what?
  5. Woo! (writes down to check out later)
  6. 1: I don't consume anything that has stimulants in it 2: you spelled my name wrong Anyway here is your pic because you should wear pants more often (this was for Mooney, but I didn't post fast enough)
  7. The Neverhood(PSX on PSP) JP(no english version) quite funny, but I wish there was a REAL psp version, the quality would be much better
  8. well, right now there is a glitch(for unknown reasons) in the newest M33 firmware that causes something wrong with the USB connection on the Flash0-4. I don't know if one is made yet, but if you find one, please post it. As in, a PBP that copies and replaces the files in the Flash from a part on the memory card, which would be safer than doing USB
  9. well first of all, if it is rumble and mem card in the GBA slot, It should be SLOT-2(GBA slot), SLOT-1 is the NDS game card slot. EDIT: I didn't see that there was a second page lol
  10. Woo! *tosses IPB default theme in trash bin, along with some dynamite(lit)* Thank you! so annoying, hurts my eyes
  11. it can go online, but It really depends on what the devs want
  12. You seem to have a lot of lightning on your face , are you grounded?
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