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  1. Normally, in src/drivers/neogeo.c : After SYSTEM_BIOS_START( neogeo ) : SYSTEM_BIOS_ADD( 7, "uni-bios.13","Unibios MVS (Hack, Ver. 1.3)" ) After #define NEOGEO_BIOS \ : ROM_LOAD16_WORD_SWAP_BIOS( 7, "uni-bios.13", 0x00000, 0x020000, CRC(b24b44a0) SHA1(eca8851d30557b97c309a0d9f4a9d20e5b14af4e) ) /* Universe Bios v1.3 (hack) */ \
  2. the part i highlighted gives me a syntax error on 'if' any help on this? Have U put : if (!strcmp(Machine->gamedrv->name,"kof2003b")) { /* special ROM banking handler */ install_mem_read16_handler (0, 0x2fe000, 0x2fffff, kof2003_16_r); /* additional protection */ install_mem_write16_handler (0, 0x2fe000, 0x2fffff, kof2003_16_w); } in src/machine/neogeo.c in neogeo_custom_memory section ?
  3. OK, I 've understood. I guess U already have kof2003 driver (the parent) ? So, I 'll post the drivers.
  4. Why have U put 2.rar files (what's the diff ?) ? Have U added svcbooth, svcplush & kof2003b drivers with 512 K S1 with transparencies ? Have U added the bootleg kof2003 Hero ?
  5. Why don't U upgrade to B2 ?
  6. Use S1 DF422440 ; patch : kof2k3-s1_c47f8ac3_to_df422440.zip
  7. Asura Blade works well but the sound 's a bit glitched : frameskip level 8. Asura Blade works well but quickly : frameskip auto (level 11 in most of stages). Strider 2 works : frameskip level 7 (disable Throttle & sound).
  8. Most of Zinc games like SFEX2Plus need : Threhold : 4 Mb Commit size : 2048 Kb They 'R working but, very slowly.
  9. Dragoon Might works (don't forget to put Konamigx bios in Ur roms dir.). Force VM : Yes (of course) Threshold : 4 Mb Commit size : 1024 Kb
  10. Asura Blade works nearly perfectly : config to use : Force VM : Yes (of course) Threshold : 3 Mb Commit size : 768 Kb Frameskip mode Auto
  11. Yes, it's allright : Put cheat.dat unzipped in General sub. dir. ; Enable cheats in General options ; Launch the game U want, then press "Back + White" buttons to go to the cheats database to enable the cheats U want.
  12. Ah, Thx for Ur explanations. I didn't know cuz I'm european.
  13. It seems it again comes from a bootleg (that's the lines U can read in chinese forums).
  14. U can see LB1 endings @ vgmuseum : end/neogeo/a/lastbkaede.htm vgmuseum LB2 endings : end/neogeo/a/lasb2Kaede.htm
  15. 128 K S1 DF422440. Patch : kof2003b S1_c47f8ac3_to_df422440.zip
  16. Do the 2 screens from Kawaks 1.46 Loader mean that the game again comes from a bootleg ?
  17. We needn't again the banned games, there 'R already 2 other emus. All, we need 'R the former games like Street Fighter 1, PoW, & games as well as the banned games like Daraku Tenshi or Dragoon Might.
  18. samsh5sp 's emulated, but not released, they show it working with Kawaks 1.46 Loader @ http://bbs.jj.jx.cn in roms section (have to be registered). I can't wait their release.
  19. That's not a fake. U can read on a few chinese forums that it's really emulated. However, they don't say if it's a dump from a bootleg.
  20. I like Kawa-X too, I like it only for decrypted NeoGeo games. But I prefer FBa-XXX : CP-S 2 games 'R smoother, NeoGeo encrypted sets work fine &, Unibios support.
  21. U 've to use the decrypted P1 (see kof2003b P1 Nebula thread) & m1d (128 Kb ; cuz the 512 Kb's crashes) with a K-Loader. If U want 8 Cs & 4 Vs, just split your Cs in 8 x 8 Mb (don't use C5 & C6 16 Mb & check CRC to rename them [the 2nd C becomes C3 etc]) & your Vs in 4 x 4 Mb. Use a fixed S1 with Cs 8 Mb (see other threads).
  22. Put Unibios unzipped where there's kawaks.exe, check it's called uni-bios.rom. I remember Kawaks 1.45 doesn't support Unibios, but 1.46 does.
  23. Finally, ZhaoSili has fixed "winners comments" in Euro/Asia & US regions, the updated P1 's on his webspace : EDIT: Rom link removed.
  24. It displays svcplus as s1945p, cuz U 've not deleted "romsets.dat" in saves : TDATA/0000fa7e/CFG/ Romsets like s1945pn & others 'R not removed in the last edited one. The removed games 'R only the "invisible" games like Jockey GrandPrix & glitched games like Riding Hero. It 's not finished : it actually supports kof2003b (bootleg, ZhaoSili edition), svcbooth (alt bootleg/hack) & rotdnd (fully decrypted, Happy ASR fixed P1).
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