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  1. Yeah I need to know What I need to name Matrim Melee and Rage of the Dragons. I checked gogo's forums where I found the info earlier but he seems to have removed all info on his site regarding any of the banned roms.
  2. Ok I did what you said and it did fix the problem with that screen but now All I am getting is a black screen after the title screen.
  3. Is there anyway to make this game run in Neogenesis? Everytime I try and load it will start I see the working designs presents screen then the title screen. Then a screen pops up saying the external RAM has not been formatted and askes if I want to to that and has two choices "Ok Cool!" and "No way" if I pick no way it just freezes there If I say Ok Cool a message at the bottom pops up saying IT is done formating and that i can press start to continue yet pressing start does nothing. Is there any way past this?
  4. I not a 100% positive but if I remember correctly to get Zack's 3rd costume you have to get 30 wins in survival mode with zack
  5. Ok I fixed the text problem by using the s1 from my KOF2003f.zip and used the patch you posted earlier(crc was 7C7829AA now is DF422440) that i had been using in FBAX. But upon playing it I noticed a new problem when I fought Yamazaki's team on the second stage instead of showing the opposing team all three of them were displayed as a bunch of scrambled pixel boxes . Is there anyway to fix this as well or am I stuck with it? EDIT: Here is a screenshot so you can see what I am talking about, also I tried using the same s1 without patching it first and got the same result.
  6. Well I know if your useing the latest.xbe from Mr.X then PIM and Samsho5 haev not been added to that one yet. And for SVC to work it has bo be named svcbooth.zip and KOF2003 has to be kof2003b.zip to work.
  7. Ok thanks for the tip I got it running now but I have one more question. Now it is running but the text looks like crap is and totaly unreadable. Is there anyway to fix this?
  8. ok another interesting development I renamed some of the files so I could run it on Mr.X's newest kawa-X hack (the one that plays KOF2003b) sas svcbooth.zip. It loaded perfectly like that and now even the regular svcplus.zip is loading fine again.
  9. Where can I get the KOf2003b.zip that works with kawa X I downloaded one earlier that was 50 megs but it has the wrong p1 rom in it.
  10. So could that also have somthing to do with why it's been freezing up? and why it reverted it it's original unpatched state?
  11. Ok I found some interesting things out about my problem using the Kawa-Hex Download from the sticky thread I can get SVC Plus to work using the Kawa v11 Deafualt.xbe (but it displays it as Strikers1945 Plus.) Also when I play it this way even though I patched it to remove the flashing Plus and to add the hidden bosses to the select screen it acts as though I had not patched it yet. And still when I use the Default.xbe from the Kawa-HeX folder it will freeze up when I try to load plus. Also it's not finding Samsho 5
  12. it's already on the F drive so i doubt that will work I will check the rom sizes you listed on the site, as far as trying fba-xxx it have tried that and it won't even find my SVC plus or Mslug 5 roms.
  13. Prican25 ok I set my clock and deleted the Kawa-X and the Kawa-Hex Saves listed in the MS dashboard and it is still freezing is there anything else I can do to fix this? It is only SVC Plus and my Metal slug 5 which is named to look like SVC Bootleg
  14. Ok I have been playing SVC Plus for months now on kawa-hex with no problem thin suddenly this week it started freezing while it was loading it will get all the way to the svc-v4.rom file then it hangs and does nothing anyone know what the problem might be?
  15. where can I find a tutorial on how to upgrade my memory in my Xbox?
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