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  1. Is ePSXe for iso images only? my cd's wont work using run cd-rom with ePSXe , i use the exactly right setup , coz i have Delta aswell , and i play my ffix with my ntsc cd , of that , but it wont load of ePSXe with the exact same setup and plugins.. am i doing sumthing wrong? , coz delta sucks bcoz it wiped my save , so ive had to start over almost 3 times now
  2. Now now ppl , we are all civilzed , no fighting on the forum i just thought , imma have to get a friend to download for me :D thanks for all ur help PS.. Sonic adventure was a pro game aswell
  3. ( i cant fix it , bcoz it got sold or sumthing without me knowing , i'm going to look at Eletronics botique , hopefully they have one
  4. Have a dreamcast and not have Shenmue 0.0 Wat drugs are u on? shenmue is my ALL time favourite game , nuthing is / was better then shenmue only problem is , i cant download much , coz of the good ol' Download Cap was hoping i could play them without downloading a iso if i had the cd's -but i dont have the "coder's cable and a burner that can read GD-ROMs." It was wurth a try, i put in my Burnt PSO disk, it loads the dreamcast symbol goes to the menu for play vmu etc, i select play , it says insert game disk , i take out PSO and putin my Utopia 1.1 boot disk , still says insert game disk o well
  5. Well if u mean rip as in burn , 1. i dont got a burner , 2. if u burn it i guess u mount it using daemons tools btw if u have msn would u prefer to talk there , be alot easier then forum posting haha im aussie to
  6. As the title states , im very new to dc emulating.. , i had a dreamcast for 2 years , i absoluty loved it , i didnt touch my ps2 once in that 2 years , then my dreamcast just died :'( , newayz , i still have my PSO burnt cd , its the game i played and have missed even since. I downloaded Chankast , unzipped it to a folder. i havent got the dc_bios.bin , coz i cannot find it , no matter where i look... , if sum1 could tell me / send me in the right direction , ill be ever so happy.... as beeing new u have alot of problems :S once i got the bios files - i allrdy got flash.bin , where do i put them ? :S:S i forgot to ask , can u accually use Burnt cd's from ur real computer drive , or do u HAVE to use mounted iso images ? if maybe sum1 could put msn down so they could explain sum things more easily id appreciate it very much Thanks in advance for any help that will be given
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