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  1. Thanks, sent an email, but don't think he uses it often, as that was the email I used to keep in touch before.
  2. He's been AFK for years now. What's the urgency? and welcome to 1emu man! Give yourself an avatar and make yourself comfy. We used to keep in touch outside of forums, but lost touch a while back. Was trying to reach out to him again for something. I was hoping someone here would be close to him, as he co-founded this forum. I haven't been in the emulation scene in a long time due to life but I might come back, depending on a few circumstances.
  3. Dark Reaper from A@H here. I'm trying to get in contact with Magnis, does anyone know his whereabouts as of late?
  4. I'm new at this forum. I'm sure many of you know me from A@H. BTW, is it no rom requests period or no rom requests from noobs?
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