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Hate to say this but...SvC:Chaos sucks

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I think it is a great game. Graphics are clean, I love the diologues too. The only thing it needs is a team vs. mode. :P




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The music, sound, graphic and animation of this game is dull... i feel like playing kof94 - 96 :P with street fighter chars in it...



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I won't say it is that BAD but I think i'll pass it out for KOF 2002 anytime



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i thought svk chaos was iight, wont be up there with my top list but it coulda been better and i think snk need to partner up wit capcom and dump off playmore, cuz i think playmore aint doin a good job bring back snk(samuria showdown 5 anymore??) but as the line up for the snk vs capcom i think they need to poll it, cuz i miss my man Ralf, K',Shingo and Kazuki from sam show 4 and they added these dumb people like.... the Mars people... :D athena...? and that little annoyin bastard with claws Choi and fat boy earthquake :D then on capcom Tessa was cool in poket fighter but ill pass, hugo looks like a drunk retard every time i fight him, but if u gonna add a Dark stalker character bring back John Talbain or Donovon and we all know Dhalsim aint no fighter we establish that when we first saw him, they skippin all the other people in the capcom world. Zero was a cool addition, they coulda of added Fei-long, it would be nice to see Guy or hell even Maki or and they coulda add Hayato from Star Gladiator wouldnt be be bad but anyways, every game has a good side n bad and this one had a couple of bads




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it's really a matter of how you percieve things.

capcom vs snk was made to be the battle of the characters in the capcom style, which is why some people perfer it.
however i (and some others) saw that the art for the game sucked (snk characters loooked like crap).
and being that i'm one of those that isn't really fond of the usual capcom game engine style i didn't really like the game (but i hafta admit it's not a bad game)
but the point is, it was made to FEEL like a capcom game.

on the other hand, snk vs capcom was made to be the battle of the characters in teh snk style.
i personally think the capcom characters look better than when capcom draws them, but then again that's just my opinion.
but again, this game was MADE to feel like an snk game (and if you're a vetern of the kof games, you'll feel right at home.)
it just feels like an snk game, and it wouldn't feel like that if it was made with another engine (like the awesome garou engine)

right on man, i totally agree with u. the only reason why this game is out is to balance the gameplay. capcom vs snk was a great game, but its also pretty kool to have the game in the kof fighting style. i personally love the way the capcom characters look in this game. something new, and i always wondered how they would look the snk world. *though zero looked kinda funky*i also cant get enough of the sound effects from each character. like bison's psycho power has that weird noise when he punches, or the "swish" during a hurricane kick. thats pretty creative hehe. the only thing i saw that was kind of a downfall is the music. i wouldve prefered to have the old individual stage music from their own respected games like Ryu's sf music, or Terry's fatal fury music. Other than that, its a refreshing break from the Capcom game system, which i love btw, but everyones got their own opinion which is kool too. :P its a toughy too once u get to like the preboss.




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I am SNK over Capcom most anyday, but I'd have to say that I prefer CvS2 over this game. SvC:Chaos does have some great parts like the effort to try to bring a large selection of charaters. The dialogues is pretty bad ass too.

I don't like the unbalanced play (especially big guys going against someone fast). The Capcom characters look like kind of ghetto, Sagat especially (I never knew he was hunch backed).

This one is something I will have to pass and wait for better fighters like KOF 2003 to come out. <_<




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I think Street Fighter Alpha 3, although dated, had perfectly decent visuals. Sort of an anime twist instead of SF2's awkward semi-realistic sprites that SNK managed to perfect. That's why the new Street Fighter character graphics impress me less than the others.

Capcom never cared to update sprites unless it was for a totally new series (or subseries in the case of SFA). While SNK would update little by little throughout a single series (Fatal Fury 1 --> Garou, KOF94 --> KOF2002, AOF1 --> AOF3, etc.) To Capcom's credit, they did update very little through the SF2 series, but it seemed like they just wanted to justify yet another SF2 semi-sequel instead of geniunely wanting to better the look of the game.

Still, you've got character like Demitri from Darkstalkers who was pimping the same pixelated sprites for ages and now looks absolutely fantastic now. The menacing new art makes him look like a real vampire, while the old look is now like a bad K-Mart Halloween costume. It's a shame Morrigan and/or Lilith didn't make the cut, as they (specifically Morrigan) badly need a makeover. Just fire up a Morrigan vs. Whoever match in MVC2 and the sheer contrast is painful and, frankly, embarassing for Capcom.

I hope Capcom gets enough feedback or complaints to warrant a totally new Darkstalkers or Street Fighter, not a crossover game but a dedicated one. As of now, SNK is looking to wipe them off the face of the earth, while Capcom rehashes games and creates mediocre 3D homages to games that were flawless in 2D (such as Maximo versus Ghouls and Ghosts).





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I actually kind of like SVC Chaos. It does have my persona (Firebrand the Red Arremer), and also has SF2 characters I am more familiar with using.

On the other hand, my own personal view is that CVSNK2 is still the best fighter I have ever played. I will not give up my PS2 copy of it any time soon...

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