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  1. I suppose I'lll have to be patient and wait for the ROM. it may be a bit long but hey, it's definitely earlier than chances of the arcades in my place can get it
  2. I won't say it is that BAD but I think i'll pass it out for KOF 2002 anytime
  3. I think, if I can remember correctly, samurai showdown
  4. KOF 2003 cuz it is going to be a whole new gameplay from the usual KOF
  5. Is there already a kawaks version or if there is does it already work?
  6. Well, erm.. I'm utok and i am from the philippines. i don't really know how many emulator gamers are here in my place and probably very little since more people flock arcades these times. i am not new to emulation but i just thought of entering this site to do something in my spare time. i do not get to play much since i am very busy in school but i am the only one in my class who plays emulted games for that matter since most of the people here are "decent" people. i usually write ridiculously short posts since i don't have too much grey matter in my brain. anyway, it's nice to know you all
  7. I'm new here and i still don't know how this works but thnks for the ROM anyways
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