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The End of Kazaa Lite K++ Soon?

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Weirdy like a box of chocolates

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yeah, though I wonder if the ppl who made the game even care if their stuff is being remixed



    Emsley here. That's right.

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I also agree that some of the porn i aquired from kazza lite was completly horendous, i advise you not to downlaod porn :-]

There are people who name soemthing you may be intrested in, but when you play the file it will be, lets say...
Well it makes ya feel un easy and the delete button is not far away.

Oh yeah viruses you can download lots of them from kazza :-]



    Resident Linux Zealot

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'bout freakin' time. The FastTrack network is full of the RIAA's junk files, repetitive lousy porn, low-quality MP3s (lucky to get anything higher than 128 kbps), and people who don't share.

I just hope the former k-lite users don't start flooding IRC networks and forcing the people who host bots to start using a MinCPS of 15 KB/sec or so (some already do, grrr).

FastTrack Network is now officially useless to over 75% of it's users. The RIAA will probably leave it alone now, or either start DoS'ing IRC servers (DALnet, anyone?) or polluting the WinMX network.

I just hope that there's too many IRC networks for the **AA to keep up with. :D

I'm gonna fire up xchat, hop on to cyberjunks and addictz, and look for some OGGs to celebrate. Oh, and some ROMS, too.




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Winmx is good, but I found that it didn't have as many users as Kazaa. So it makes it harder to find the file you are looking for and less sources to download from.



    Emulation Master

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Kazaa Lite is so far working well . and will use it untill it stops lets see how long that takes

many people are not aware that there's two versions of kazaa

kazaa media desktop (full of spyware)
kazaa lite ( spyware removed )

and in case you do not know Shareaza has spyware
also D.C has some ....

you can get a virus from any P2P network thats not just a kazaa problem ....

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    Cyborg Admin

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Meh........Kazaa went to the dogs well over a year ago. It's full of non-sharing n00bs now for the most part.
It's no loss for me, I haven't even had Kazaa on my PC for a good 8 months now.
Direct Connect ownz j00! (Only DC++ though, NMDC is crap!)



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DC++ asks for too much share space i gave up on that one -.-



    Airborne or nah

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This is gonna sux nutz (squirrel) K-lite was the sizzle for shizzle for downloading animesubs, like has anyone seen FLCL(fur kuri, fooly cooly) there's alot of stuff like that..Sad days are to come..*Lucius get the soldiers ready, tonight we fight for k-lite++ :angry: * :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: <_<

Edited by Cominus, 13 December 2003 - 04:47 AM.



    Needs Sunlight

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This is gonna sux nutz (squirrel) K-lite was the sizzle for shizzle for downloading animesubs

I just use Bittorrent for all anime subs.




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hey peeps, im still using k-lite/k++ and havent noticed any problems. im using k++ 2.4.2. But theres always alternatives. On irc, there is a team that took over the k++ project and is working on it again. Also, there is a similar program called diet k. supposed to be just like kazaa lite. thats just some FYI <_<




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Plus - VG remixes are found on hosted sites so I dont have a problem with that either.


...yeah...I'm that DarkeSword. :D

Sucks about KazaaLite though. It was pretty good.

Oh, and james, Shareaza doesn't have spyware. You're probably getting it through some other way. :)

Edited by darkesword, 16 December 2003 - 11:00 PM.

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