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  1. I bought one of those USB-PSX controller things from RadioShack. Was about 8$, and pretty useful
  2. I downloaded the hacked version of kawaks 1.46 from Neo Arcadia, and I can't get it to play any games! Some of these games include: kof2k2 mslug5, and others. Can someone help me please? I'd look for help on the site, but it's in spanish.
  3. you can get www.zbattle.net Kind of a small community.. Max people I ever saw at once was like 43, but you can play zsnes games with people you don't know.
  4. Think of it as resident evil gameplay, without the cheap zombie scares, and tries to freak you out on the subconcious level... Filled with riddles and puzzles, bunch of creepy sound effects(random noises), this is definitely one of my favorite console series.
  5. Hmm.. I have no real knowledge, but it looks like you might have a faulty emulator. Try downloading another one from another site.
  6. Winmx is good, but I found that it didn't have as many users as Kazaa. So it makes it harder to find the file you are looking for and less sources to download from.
  7. Nice Dan sprite, good for a chuckle.
  8. www.zbattle.net is pretty good for multiplayer, I think it only works for zsnes though. It's kind of small usually ~20-30 players on, at least everytime I check.
  9. I'm using epsxe 1.6, and I got the bios and everything. I configred all my plugins right, but there's still one thing I need help with. I go to file -> Run Isos, then choose to run a game, and it says *cdrom not found. I was thinking.. Since I am trying to run it on a laptop, and it has no *cdrom that it could be a problem. Is there anyways to run my isos without the cdrom?
  10. Although I don't have the game yet, I played it at a friend's house.. The graphics on that game is superb.. It's like perfect I remember just watching a waterfall for like 5 minutes.. Just in awe of the graphics
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