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Who was your role model as a kid?

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Real: My dad

VG: Strider (yes, i liked the game in genesis)

Comic: Spider Man




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real: my dad

vg: link

others: spidey




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  • Interests:I am interested in alot of things. I like to read, listen to music, hang out with friends. The usual stuff a young slacker does.
real life: my parents (they are smart and smart-aleck people who are able to face anything, and love me despite my weirdness) ^_^

video games: link (the strong and silent type make the best heroes) and luigi (I know how it feels to be the underdog)

Comics: Spider-man (every man hero) and Jean Grey (the all around nice person, something I like to be)

Movies: Tom Hanks (just seems like a nice person and very talented), Denzel Washington (just a classy guy and holds himself well), and Julia Roberts (desptie the hype, that is a talented girl and I loved her ever since I was a little boy)
Oh I forgot Halle Berry (shows anyone despite differences can do anything)



    Spoony Bard

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Real: my parents (who doesn't choose this?)

VG: Kain Highwind (FF4) or Hayato (Star Gladiator)

Comics: Captain America (so what if he doesn't have any powers? ^_^)



    Starving Wolf

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In real life.. there were tow.. my dad.. and my best friend.. this guy had nothing but bad luck happen to him, yes he was always smiling, always happy.. i wanted to have that look on life.. once joked that he had so much bad luck.. he'd win the lottery and be rich the rest of his life.

In video games.. hmm.. growing up, the only real games i played were commander keen, and a text based game called rogue, and the atari 2600.. it's hard to find pac man to be your role model,, so i'd have to say commander keen.. always wanted to make stuff out of nothing



    ĐR€ĹMÇŧT ]v[ŘD

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Real: Parents AGAIN heh

VG: Sonic or Mario

Other: Jimi Hendrix



    Chez monger

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Ferris Bueller

MJ Fox in BTTF/Teen Wolf



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Steve Martin :cry:



    Needs Sunlight

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Captain (Admiral) James Tiberius Kirk

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