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Player hater of the year


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Does sleeping with a friend's sister count as cold-blooded?

Unless she gets pregnant and you dumps her...... :)

Actually, I don't even know what the flock happened to her after that.

:):D That is the best situation :punk:

Maybe she becomes a nympho or something after sex with you :)

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When I was about 12 my friend and I joined a gang. We both used to roll hard, or as hard as we could at 12 with 18-21 year olds backing us up. Well I was living in Torrance at the time but I am originally from Long Beach and the gang that I belonged to was in Long Beach and my older brother is in it too. I end up having to move back to Long Beach because my mother couldnt handle me. I live with the gang for about 8 months with minimal contact with my friend in Torrance. One day we go down to pick him up from school only to find out that he had not been representing the hood. I guess he was letting everyone diss our gang and walk all over him. Naturally we had to handle it, so we get him with us find the people who were flocking with him and let them have it. Later on that night we tell him that we were going to a party and take him to a desolate park. Its like 12 midnight at this time. We pull him out of the truck and proceed to break him. In the end he lost 2 teeth and one was shot back into his gums. We drop him off at home and take off.  We then find out that he was sent to the hospital for internal bleeding and yada yada yada.


He ends up getting some false teeth and is never the same again. He starts to do all kinds of drugs and eventually ( so I hear ) sucks some guys dick for some X at a rave. Just saw him the other day while at work and his fear was still in his eyes.  As soon as he saw me he got that, OH MY GOD look in his eyes and began to stutter. He had his new boys with him but that didn't stop him from kissing my ass in front of them and his girlfriend. What's so cold blooded about that you ask? He used to be my best friend, and when I saw the look of terror on his face...... I laughed, and I'm pretty sure he knew why.

this is prolly the sickest thing I've heard (besides the saturn pwning lol)...

a gang is prolly the most idiotic idea and crap; u must be black and with the hole

"I'm soo cool cuz I'm in a gang and I dress up all rapper crap and I listen to rap all the TYME and anyone who disses me will get beaten' up in a park!" thing...

Don't get me wrong I'm not a racist or crap but to beat up your BEST FRIEND just cuz he didn't wanna get his ass kicked from the other dudes who were dissin' the gang sound cruel, childish, retarded, could only come from someone with no future prospects, and is in no way in hell a pwnage! This goes to show that today's society is in a far worse stage of decay than we could have ever imagined!

Your response would prolly sound like: "Phuck U! I am in a gang and if I ever catch you, you're dead u [insert swear here]!" I hope when u get older and maybe

with a string of hope become mature enough you will realize that you just messed up another human being's life just so you can feel that you're cool and badass.

The irony is that this can very well happen to you too!......

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