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Samurai Shodown V Special


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Update and Instructions...


Run FBAxxx from 8-2-04 the last version that supported banned roms...


DO NOT use mame dump sets...just the regular old sets default.xbe


Turn auto-universal bios OFF


Rename all the samsho 5 special roms to the original samsho5.zip (replace them)


Load game...plays 100% flawlessly...and in my first minutes of playing have to say its the COOOOLEST NEOGEO GAME EVER!!!!!


Too bad its the last one.....


Well im back to my baby ( http://www.pixagogo.com/4126245911 )...to play some Samsho V Special!!!


Thanx everyone!


I can only get it to work in AES mode...anyone got the arcade MVS style working...?



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