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  1. Hi please somebody can send me the link, thanks
  2. WOW excelent work, i hope play with this emulator any time soon,
  3. Is your BIOS (neogeo.zip) valid? All your games can be perfect but if this file is not none of them will work. Thanks you was absolutely right. that was the problem, was using a different version, I apologize for the inconvenience, and if it can be added moonwalker rom after
  4. Same problem with NEO GEO roms here, the romcenter show my roms o.k in green, but said rom invalid crc, any ideas, thanks.
  5. Thanks for the effort and work done, thank you
  6. Thanks Kenshiro, your work and time, thanks from a mexican gamer.
  7. Thanks Nes, long life to black xbox.
  8. Not for now, only work well snex but not in all consoles only xenon motherboard.
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