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Top 5 VG Characters, _EVER_


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I'll only list two:


Kilik and Talim from Soul Calibur II.

You perv. :P


List! (Second Form)


1. Eddie (GG)

2. Zappa(GGX2)

3. A.B.A. (GGIsuka)

4. Laharl (Disgaea)

5. The Nemesis (

6. Forte

7. The Scissorman (Clock Tower)

8. Vega/Bison (Street Fighter)

9. Yuri (Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2)

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Sol - (GG series)


Zero - (Megaman Zero series & Megaman X series)


Iori - (KoF series)


Sonic - (Sonic series)


Viewtiful Joe - (Viewtiful Joe series)


Cloud - (Final Fantasy series)


Rock - (Garou: MOTW series)


Kilik - (Soul Calibur series)


Lion - (Virtua Fighter series)

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