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Top 5 VG Characters, _EVER_


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This is the better, upgraded version of Fatal's (REALLY REALLY OLD) Thread (that should just rest in peace). One character per slot only :P no character/character for evenness! Unless they have 2 region names!


1. Kane - C&C(BROTHERHOOD OF NOD owns you)

2. Ibuki - Street Fighter 3

3. Forte/Bass - Mega Man !

4. Albert Wesker - Resident Evil

5. K` - KOF99-2k3


This is tougher then I thought.


No place for Hibiki, Yumeji :P, Iori and a handful of other characters, like Pac-Man (!).

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

1) Duke Nukem - The PC Duke Nukem games (not the crappy console ones)

2) Mario - Mario (It's a-me, Mario!)

3) Terry Bogard - Fatal Fury and KOF (he'd kick Ryu's ass any day :P)

4) The Doom Marine - Doom I, II, and III

5) Gordon Freeman - Half Life (silent but ass kicking scientist)

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1. Gordon Freeman- Half Life (The badass scientist)

2. The Person you have complete control over- The Sims

3. Captian Commando- Captain Commando (I am CAPTAIN COMMANDO!)

4. Ryu Hayabusa- Ninja Gaiden series

5. Mario N64 version- Super Mario 64

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Hmm...this is a toughie....

1. Gen (of SFA series)

2. Potemkin (of GGX series)

3. Anakaris (of Darkstalkers series)

4. Lei Wu-Long (of Tekken series)

5. Dio (of Jojo Bizarre Adventure)(who can forget his super where he dumps

a steamroller on you before punching through it :lol: )


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Hardest question ever... Let's see what I can do...


1. Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy II, USA numbering system, SNES)

2. 47 (Hitman Series, PC & Console)

3. Kage Maru (Virtua Fighter Series, Arcade & Console)

4. Ma Chao (Dynasty Warriors Series, PS2 & XBox)

5. Protoman (Megaman Series, Console {& Arcade})


This was an extremely difficult list, and I think I'd change it if I thought about it enough. It was really tough not to include characters from games I love. Other considerations were: Boy (Secret of Mana, SNES), Delita (Final Fantasy Tactics, PlayStation), Lans (Ogre Battle Series, Console), Billy Kane (Fatal Fury & King of Fighters Series, Arcade & Console), M. Bison / Vega (Street Fighter series, Arcade & Console), and "Fish" (EVO, SNES).

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"Fish" (EVO, SNES)

Of course...who could've forgotten "fish"...I'll admit that it was my favorite section of the game though.


List! (First Form)


1. Eddie (Guilty Gear)

2. Zappa (GGX2)

3. A.B.A. (GGIsuka)

4. Forte/Bass (Rockman & Forte)

5. Laharl (Disgaea)


AH! Is that right?!?! Gah, start over!

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