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  1. 1. Kazama Kazuki - SS IV and SSV(S) 2. Link - All the Zelda games 3. Gordon Freeman - Halfe-Life (and the second one soon ) 4. a Worm - Worms (PC versions only ) 5. Wolverine - MARVEL fighting games by CAPCOM
  2. I saw that this new version of neorage is able to 'emulate'(?) neogeo memcards but I have a little pbm with it. As I don't stop neorage, memcards data are saved even if I load other roms before getting back to the first one but as soon as I leave Neorage this data is lost and there are no new files in the MEMCARDS directory. If someone is able to help me it's nice. I really would like to save my progression in many games. In advance, thanks...
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