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SVC plus?!

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whats the CRC for the P1 in svc chaos that makes every character in the game visible at the player select screen? (in mine i have access to all the characters but there boxes are not visible)

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Well My CRC "1CC8FB7A" And Have You Tried Gettign "Another" SVCplus Rom? It Took Me About 3 Roms To Get The Right One.


why bother, its just the p1 because i want the 4 final bosses too, the roms have changed a but since last year because i remember the p1 I used to play this game before my pc got formatted was 8 mb and had everything! and i cant seem to find that one anymore, all i can find are crappy patches that tend to cancel other hotstuff out

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Just rember this is not the proper game and is a Hack called svcplus -Snk Vs Capcom Plus anyone who has it named Snk Vs Capcom Chaos Has it named wrong.



My svcplus P is CRC 57784F99

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