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Words from a wiseman

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A wise old man once told me this story, and i feel you all should hear it, for it has taught me well!


There once was a lady who had a bush of oranges in her yard.


One day she woke up and thought, "I dont need any of those oranges!" and she walked outside, and pissed on her oranges.


The next day she said, "You know what, i need an orange" and she went outside and look at the oranges carefully and thought, "you know what, i didnt piss on that one, i think ill eat that one!" and she went inside and enjoyed her orange.


The next day, she once again wanted an orange, so she went outside, found and orange she didnt piss on, and ate it.


This continued for awhile and then one day she said, "you know what, there has to be at least one orange left that i didnt piss on, and i need another orange!" So she went outside and realize all her orange had already been eaten.


Lesson is, dont be wastefull


and supposedly this is a true story and it happened to soomeone in italy i think.

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"pee is very good for planting" that's what my uncle always says. he pee in a bucket instead of the toilet just so he can use his piss.

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Agent Smith, you've been taking L.S.D again, haven't you?  j/k

Did Smith ever? Smith will suffice.

But I really read that before years ago. Hard to find the article now. Maybe can google it. Just wonder how to search for it. "Drink piss??":P

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I have once read that some people drink their own piss and apply it on their skin, for health and beauty.  :P

I know that some tribal drummers in Africa pee on their hands to keep them moist.

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