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2 player SNES games?

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Battletoads Vs. Double Dragon

The Return of Double Dragon

Tetris Attck

Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3

Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

Turtles in Time

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They're doing a project on this on www.z-net.tk


Look in the forums.


I helped with it, but they sorta liked my contribution because I forgot to put how many players there are for each one....I just put 2p.

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Uniracers.. w00t.


Edit: Ok, OK, I'll make my post worthwhile...



Joe & Mac (aka Caveman Ninja)


Rock N' Roll Racing

Super Buster Bros (Was this 2P? It should have been)

Super Smash TV / Total Carnage

Other TMNT Beat 'em ups



And then there's all the fighting games. But since you know the usual, here are some weird ones:


Ballz 3D

Doomsday Warrior - This one is very old school, but for some reason I got a kick out of it, even after I'd played SFII. There is a very weird rythm to the combat.

Primal Rage

Shaq-Fu - Another one with a weird rythm, which by today's standards isn't so hot, but was ok at the time.

TMNT Tournament Fighters

Weapon Lord - This was supposed to have some crazy deep system to it, which I sort of remember figuring out when I rented it so long ago. Upon a recent revisit, however, I find it consists of the computer tearing me a new -------.

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