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What Game Company Would Be Your Dream To Work For?


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Valve takes no crap from no one...Damn thats why they didn't release HL2 in April.

That's a good thing. I want them to make the game as good as possible. If it takes another month or two, fine. As long as they make it as perfect for us, it's a good thing. That's why I love the WID policy. :D


I don't think many console developers have that same flexibility to take as long as they want.


Wealthy independant developers are teh 0wn. :lol:

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UBIsoft  or even capcom still they just need a nice swift kick in the ass

but  then again THQ is good too i would love to work on the wrestling games.

hell yeah put me in charge of thq's wrestling games and everyone would be happy fo sho :lol:

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Valve is my first choice, they simply released one of my favorite shooters for the Pc. Blizzard would be my second choice, their Diablo and Starcraft games kicked ass.

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Yes, deadlines suck. But what company doesn't have deadlines? If there are any, then I'd love to work for that company. So, yeah, I'd like to work for a company that doesn't impose any deadlines on its employees. None, basically. :lol:

Well one company I know that doesn't have a deadline (just loosely held internal deadlines) is 3DRealms. They're official release policy is When It's Done. They make deadlines for themselves because any responsible company does that, but they can spend as much time as they want on their games. They've spend almost 6 years on Duke Nukem Forever and will spend more.


Actually many game studios that have released hit games have very flexible schedules and do what they want like Blizzard, Valve, id, Raven, Lionhead, etc.


For consoles I think its harder to have such easy schedules because they are just so many console games that they have to come out at the right time and quite a few of them are based on movie licenses so they have to be released at the right time.


But hey, that's just what I think. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Sega or Konami, in fact, thats what my aim is, im studying in college and stuff for the right requirements to get a job there doing what i want


yeah and on all my career test things i actually got Video game Developer as number 1 on all of them, cool huh?

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