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Who do u hate the most in the gaming community?


Who do you hate the most in the gaming community?  

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Yah I no. One of these "Who/what is blablabla"...

but only to get more ppl posting besides sgt, me, and the mods.


I particulary like newbies even if they're a lil annoying...but they become idiots l8r because of other idiots.


<newb> how do i shoot

<helper> u press ctrl

<newb> ooh neat thx

<helper> Np stay cool

<helper leaves>

<idiot enters>

<newb> cool i killed u!

<idiot> shut ur mouth newb. U suck.....blablablalbla

<this goes on for a while>

<month later...helper sees newb>

<helper> hi...wazzup

<New-Idiot> shut ur face Newb. I rock you!


Its these stuck up idiots that ruin the whole gaming community :D

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hmm...i like everybody. :D but yah, i understand what your saying. one forum i know of, not naming names, the "know it all idiots" that you are refering to hunt on "newbs" in packs. as soon as a new person tries to post something fun or whatever, they get ripped apart. no offense, but if this thread was posted at the forum in question, you would be getting eaten alive as we speak. as soon as i witness this sort of thing becoming a regular type of accurance at a forum, i leave. but, since i am a mod at this forum, this sort of thing will NEVER happen at EmulForums. not as long as i am here. so be happy, and post freely. :flame:

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#1 I hate anyone that taketh from the scene and not giveth in return.


#2 I hate anyone that believes they are above anyone else in the scene.


#3 I hate anyone that refuses to help a newbie, because they find the questions stupid, or that they don't have the time. (Jooz waz all newbees tu!)


#4 I hate anyone that helps out in the scene, only to be expecting something in return for their efforts. (You're efforts should hopefully bring a newbie into the scene as a respectable part of the scene..........if you help them right)


#5 I hate anyone that is a hypocrit of the scene. ("You pirates!"............yet you know damn well they probably have just as many roms as you,,if not more)


#6 I hate anyone that tries to ruin the scenes image. ("It's all about piracy, not about preservation. Stop stealing."........yeah sure.)


#7 I hate anyone not willing to at least take the time to read documentation that comes with anything emulation related. (Yes newbies.......this even means you. You should only seek help, after using what is already in you're possesion. And you should at least show the author some respect by reading about his/her work.)


#8 I hate it when someone says they will do something, to a large mass of people, to contribute something........and then disappear, or go back on their word. (Some of you should know what I mean by this)


#9 I hate it when someone tries to disprupt a process meant to help others in the scene. (This can be anything from help, to contribution.......etc)


#10 I hate it when someone gives another, crap for doing/asking something. And then turns right back around and does/asks for the same thing. (In general..........and this goes back to the HYPOCRIT thing.)


I take this as being "Who do you hate most in the EMULATION community?", not gaming in general.

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I refuse to take part in any poll about hating in the gaming community that doesn't have the ISDA as a choice.


.. oh wait.. i just did, didn't I?

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I wouldent use the word "hate" but i dislike none replys to problems.

When i started of in neo geo emulation [oh god here i go again hehe]

i could not get it to work because i was useing xp

the version i had was for 98.

No one told me this nore did zophars domain who are supposed to be the daddy of emulation in my mids of furry i sent the guy who runs zophars domain a nasty email which i admitt now im ashamed of.

In the end it had taken just one guy enigma and a little help from these forums.

But i iz happy now.

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My personal favourite hate is people who think they are elite because they have a huge post count in forums. Yet, nearly all of those posts are gained from flaming or posting complete crap and spam junk. I hate the way a lot of people assume that just because someone is new to a forum that it means they are new to computers and therefore stupid.


I also don't like "L33T" people who are arrogant and mean to everyone just because they feel they are better than everyone else.


That is why I like this place. Everyone does thier best to be helpful and nice to everyone else. That is the way any community should be :D


*group hug


ew someone touched my leg. I will kill you! cause I am L33T.

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I'm not a fan of people that use any other megadrive emu than Gens :D


Or people that tell me that epsxe is better than VGS.lol


Im not bothered by "l337" people because


1)ive got no idea what that is.....and.....

2)why wwould i want to know...


My brother was in the 657.........does that count??

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I use Kega

ePSXe IS better than VGS

I have no aspirations of becoming 1337! (Because those idiots can't even spell properly with alpha characters, let alone numerals. And wtf is SUXORS and ROXORS?)

Oh....and it's spelt DUMB, not DUMP. Like DORK, not DORC. haha

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I refuse to take part in any poll about hating in the gaming community that doesn't have the ISDA as a choice.


.. oh wait.. i just did, didn't I?


So do i


I also dislike those guys that think they are somhow superior to the others, liked a kind of nobility in the scene

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