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If theres no emulation how do we keep ourselves awake?


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I got to admit, once you get into emulation and you download all those games and then boom you feel you have had enough, you have no idea what you got yourself into.....


1. Your mom or dad or wife/ husband is getting mad at you because you are constantly jamming up the phone line or you are downloading so much, that either you get virus. Or you can't do anything but sit and wait for the game to be done.


2. After a while, you notice that you learned so much about emulation that everyday you want more and more.


3. One day, everything starts to go slower and slower...


4. Things don't update as much.... You wait for like 3 months for just one game to be emulated.


5. Once your in one game, you forget about the other.


P.S. No admin of a emulation site, will ever tell you the lines told you. I guarentee it!


So what do you do???


TWO WORDS: Online Games


http://www.shockwave.com (Seriously Good, but starting to ask for $$)


Post some more here!



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I play text-based games.. Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs)


I've played them for almost 8 and a half years now..


Everquest I played for a long time.

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Wish someone would finally finish a VB emulator..


From what Cinder and I can tell, the best one out there plays about half the games, and there are only 37 roms.

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whats vb? sgt!


My bad. sorry. :D


The VB is the Virtual Boy by Nintendo.


Reality Boy seems to be the only half-way decent emulator for it.

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