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Religious Things That Make The World...


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So, most of us should know that most of the law systems in the world are claimed to based on the 10 Commandments. Well.... 7 out of 10 of the Commandments violate the Frist Amendment. I give you, exibit A: The link. It's funny because its true.


Now, I give you this. Its about the useal suspects; God, teh Devil, Heaven, Hell, etc... Very good read. That Devil really is GOD.


ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND, Apparently, the Bible is big on Capital Punishment! I kid you not, read this to believe it.


I have more, so don't silence me yet oh so ones of the none believers! (Crap, I'm sounding like a preacher.) I give you the Gnostic self-defeatism, which is; was Jesus = God? Whose covering heaven?


A flaw in evolution? This may question you. I ask; If we were evolved from monkeys/apes, why can't we use their blood?


Theres also this. Which is; Creationism: Is it a science?


Then theres the Bible hinting hate here.


I leave you with this. WHEN MORMONS STRIKE BACK :D


I am so glad I don't believe in some sort of "God," "Messiah," or "Allah." Because religion is really funny when you don't believe in any.


Yes this post is not spam, it's a (funny to me, and possibly you) post on religion.


The Infedel Guy is the coolest person ever.

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Well I was most interested in reading the evolution article because biology is my major field of study. And after reading half way through the article (couldn't stand the rest because he was saying the same thing over and over again) I have come to the conclusion that this guy has an entry level biology take on evolution which means he's stupid. I'll say it bluntly, this guy's a flocking moron. The first two paragraphs talk about evolution and then it goes into something else about how we should all get along and that's when I realized that this guy is talking out of his ass.


We share a common ancestor; we are not directly decended from what we know as apes and monkeys today. If this Infidel Guy cared to check the actual biological history and evidence for how humans came about, he would have made more sense. Ofcourse we can't use blood from other species, hell we can't even use blood from our own species. The blood antigens and proteins are different in other animals so our body would treat it as a foreign specimen. But scientists have started using pigs to make blood usable by humans because they have been injected with our horomones and genes.


So far Infidel Guy = Psuedo Intellectual Bastard. He should get his facts straight. God, these kind of stupid people piss me off! And if anyone is actually enlightened by this essay, then you must go to school and actually learn. Geez...how could he write an article about this with such basic knowledge about the subject?! Atleast Maddox writes witty articles and he researches everything before he actually writes. I am very unimpressed.


As the great biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky said, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution."

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Not all the articles are from the InfindelGuy. The article about evolution was contributed by someone else. In fact, all of the articles are from different authors (read the heading). I got confused when I first read them, but then I saw the heading. It would be contradictory for him to say creation is wrong and then say it was right.

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Umm, okay... Anyways, the site is definitely aethistic (word?) and supports evolution as opposed to any religion. The whole monkey blood argument was moot, so unneccessary in your post (no offense). I think the second article linked to was done by the InfindelGuy, though. Also, the article didn't really say that the devil was god, it just said that god caused all the harm in the world.


Edit: D'oh! I said first article, I now realize it was the second I was referring to.

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