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Friend of mine got me into these little online community blog things :P


sooo anyone got an account here or thinking about getting one? IF SOO, add me to your buddy list and spread around some emulation love on that network :P



BTW here is my profile kinda still working on it. will post updates


this myspace thing is not bandwidth friendly, lots of people put music as their background and movie stream tons of pics and what not sooo yeah... 56'gayers beware :lol:





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Umm... You want me, -VIOLENCE-? :P




NOTE: This won't make sense to people who don't understand French.



goodness gracious how embarrassing now everyone knows my secret!!





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anyone here who hella knows HTML can give me some codes for my profile page...


like what i want to do is put a picture on the left side of my profile that doens't move when someone scrolls down on the page.. hanginl


thx guys

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Kinda off topic, but I remember when Myspace.com used to be a file server. In fact it was one of the most used places for PSX ISOs. It was better than iDrive, but not as good as FreeDrive (dunno about Driveway). Of course, that all came tumbling down a little bit before the internet stocks crashed.

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