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Play Some Xbox Online!


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yeah, it works pretty well, although i havent tested it much with XBConnect, ive only tried it with XBox Live, but it should have around the same results, then again, alot more data is sent in a direct system link game than an online one to save bandwidth.


anyway, its the 8th Inning of the Mets game right now that im watching, after the game is over, anyone want to play?


(Prican, Ill play you in Halo)

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well you could try shiba's trick for dial-up untill you can get dsl :darn:

i did laggy like crazy ! it took me 4 min to jump off of a platform in halo lol maybe tetris would be better but i dont have it lol

xbconnect + dial up = bad

i dont do xbox live because i have a modded xbox for emulators and junk

ill get dsl pretty soon then we can kick each others bootays ;)

btw how is clone wars is multiplayer how? i havent played much of starwars do u just kick each other up with lightsabers or somthing? ;)

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there is a lightsaber mode if you download it with Xbox Live, otherwise just ships


and by the way, I HAVE tested Halo with XBConnect, its horrible unless its 1 on 1


Star wars seems to work ok though, as with some other games, i havent done it very extensivley with anything but Halo though.

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hey quick question, I’ve been searching up and down a ton of forums and i can't recall where i saw it. maybe some can redirect me to the red hearing lol. any how i once saw a post that talked about playing emus online with xboxlink or something. does any one know if this is at all true? i remember reading that the guy who posted said he could but arhhhhhh the woes he didn't say how. been doing some digging but i've found nothing at all on this anywhere on any of the tunneling pages.



I have done it,, :nuke:

glitch hook a man up! please. :lol: any chance i can get u to post a how to or at least ur setup. lets get some alpha3 online man. i know you want some of this.



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