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Which version do you usually download?

Which version do you usually download?  

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Well I only go with USA or Japan but in Europe it feels like games are crappier x2. Especially Euro games on SNES or Genesis.

That's because SNES and Genesis PAL systems run at 50Hz compared to US NTSC of 60Hz.


Gameboy Advance is not affected by this since it's a handheld.

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Agozer also mentioned that handhelds aren't affected by regions.


I like to download the (E) or (U) version, it just depends on which version comes out first. I get kinda paranoid about getting (E) games for consoles.


1. Would be that you need a PAL compatible tv and

2. It does run with less frames in PAL.


But PAL games also have their advantages, especially if your bilingual.

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Are none of you listening?


PAL roms are the same as the NTSL ones on handhelds!!!


Anyway, I download US mostly because I don't have to bother with the language select screen. and I don't Download Japan roms unless they are only Japanese games or unavaliable in any other country at the time.


so US ones :lol:

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I usually download both japan and u.s versions



...sometimes on the u.s versions of games, they tend to cut out or censor some violence and other stuff


...or if its a game like Recca No Hono(Flame of Recca) thats only in japanese, I'll get that (I like getting games I've seen the anime for, especially Love Hina)

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