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No.1 Pc Game Of 2003


Which Is The best game Of 2003  

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I thought Prince of Persia was really easy, I actually wished they had put in a hard mode since the game was over so soon :D.


Anyway, my PC game of the year award goes to two games, it's a tie. The games are:


Truck Dismount (I'm actually not 100% certain wether the first build of this was released in 2003, but who cares)





They're both free so judge for yourself, downloads available at those links. They get the award for having extremely addicting gameplay, and innovative concepts (well maybe Mariopac isn't that innovative...it's more retro, but it is innovative how they took a horrible concept and made it into somehting great :confused: ).


Edit: The horrible concept being the FLUDD thing in mario sunshine of course, not mario world.

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