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    console games<br>black metal<br>death metal<br>soccer<br>guitar playing<br>my girlfriend<br>going for walks in the wilderness
  1. Godfather I & II LOTR 1 - 3 nice effects, shallow script, I preferred Peter Jackson's early works (Bad Taste, Braindead) Star Wars 4 - 6 the new Star Wars got quite childish Citizen Kane a classic Ben Hur 'cause of Charlton Heston Clockwork Orange but wasn't that a British one? Alien same question as for Clockwork Orange China Town thanks for reminding me, that one's gonna be on TV in bout one hour. Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs but for Kill Bill, there I rather go for the Asian martial arts classics and Pixar movies... maybe a if I was ten years younger, but for now. Actually there are some cool American movies, thinking of Evil Dead (as mentioned before), The Shining, most Robert De Niro or Mickey Rourke movies, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, and some of the stuff you mentioned. But I guess I'm still sticking to the european cinema not being as commercial and action oriented as the American. Think of screen classics like Metropolis, Nosferatu, Der Golem, Nikita, Three Colours, Le Pacte des Loups, Léon (The Professional), The Big Blue, Trainspotting, Les Rivières Poupres, Subway and so on and so on. Maybe that's just 'cause I'm european and the culture of european movies is just closer to me as the American cinema? I don't know.
  2. If I had to choose an accent, it'd surely be a Scottish one. It's just the purest and oldest form of English, I guess. BTW: It's quite common to speak around three or four languages fluently, I guess. Well, at least over here in europe. Three languages are the minimum required to graduate from highschool. That'd be French, German, Italian and English in my case. And I don't just one or two years of having lessons and forgetting the wholestuff afterwards. If you wanna get any mark better than E you should speak it fluently.
  3. Katatonia - Brave Murder Day In Flames - The Jester Race Helheim - Av Norrøn Ætt Catamenia- ChaosBorn Hypocrisy - The Arrival Opeth - Black Water Park And how anyone ould possibly be into Hollywood or Linkin Park (as mentioned some time before) is a mystery to me, still... If someone can tell me an American movie worth watching besides the Evil Dead series, I'd appreciate a reply.
  4. NonExist - Ebony Tower (God, what became out of Arch Enemy since Johan went to NonExist...)
  5. And me as a total NeoRageX fan, I can wait on and on for the NeoRageX version being released. I guess that's gonna be a long long time to wait for me. BTW: If anyone of you knows a link to or owns the NeoRageX compatible SVC Chaos ROM would be cool to let me know of it.
  6. Must have been Super Probotector AKA Super Contra on snes9x or maybe Super Castlevania, I don't remember that exactly. But it was on snes9x definetely. The idea of emulation actually blew me away 'cause I never owned a Super Famicom as a child and went from Famicom to PSX straight away so snes9x gave me the possibility to play all the games I always wanted to have back when I was just owning a Famicom.
  7. # 1: Rage Of The Dragons # 2: Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad # 3: Samurai Shodown IV # 4: Wind Jammers # 5: Ninja Master's
  8. Katatonia - Inside The Fall Is there better band on earth than Katatonia (except Opeth, now)? @ Weirdanzeige: Division Del Norte by Brujeria's an awesome song, too. Just wanted to say that. And I'm glad I'm not the only one listening to Metal, in here.
  9. How do I run the SVC Chaos ROM under Neo Rage X? Basically I don't know much more about Neogeo roms than to put them into my rom folder and to play them and as I don't really like Nebula and winkawaks, Neo Rage X is the emulator of my choice, but the SVC Plus rom that was released some days ago won't run with it. What should I do? When can I expect an SVC Chaos rom for Neo Rage X?
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