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FbaxGhost v3


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For all of the xbox owners N3OGhozt has been kind enough to send me a new Default.xbe for FBAx so that you can play Zintrick on the xbox. Just replace your previous Default.xbe with the following:-



For anyone that hasn't gotten this rom yet...here you go:-




To Download The Above File You Must Right Mouse Click On The Link And Select Save Target As


Many thanks to N3OGhozt for his continued work promoting the XBOX emulation scene and for hooking this rom and FBAx v3 up :lol:

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anytime you import something new over something you have working.....please backup your previous (working) one. Im not saying theres anything wrong with this version, but if you have questions like this, just backup yours, try this and find out.........

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umm didn't say he wouldn't but as he said before he is still working on b5 but it won't be released for a while.


one thing that did shock me tho is the author of final burn was interested. now if he starts making fb/fba ports that means he doesn't have to release the source! :D


i hope he leaves the work to lantus and tmual :rolleyes:

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