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Hey There I'm Back JaNaShEeN Now Known As Khakee.

Hey Does Anyone Played Painkiller?Leaked Beta?

I Have Played It But Not Played Levels.The Game Doesn't Loads...

I Have A PC:With The Following Config:

P-IV 2.6C With 800 MHZ BUS

512 MB DDR 400 MB BUS

128 MB DDR AGP Chaintech GF4MX 440 8X


Inspire 2.1 Speakers

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This game caught my eye sorta. I'm gonna check it out when it comes out. Looks like it could be kinda fun for a new FPS. I haven't played a new one in a while... kinda need some... still, I'm waiting for UT2004 and Far Cry

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i downloaded that painkiller demo




- my take on the game :-D

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