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i wonder if my system can take this DOOM demo


it ran the painkiller very smoothy but DOOM 3 looks hecka better than painkiller soo.. :D

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That painkiller "leaked" demo you're talking about is offical ( http:\\www.fileplanet.com check it. Its there ). Ugh, the demo is horrible, its got the settings all done and right, but its missing that feel Doom3 and HL2 currently have. That special sense of fear from the back of your mind. Painkiller's engine just looks nice :/


As of right now;

UT2k4 > FarCry > Doom3/HL2[both bound to change places soon once I get a hand on them - real copies, not the crap alpha/beta leaks] > Anything using Painkiller's Engine > Painkiller


And its possible that Doom3 *might* make an April Release due because its the 1st Quarter of the Financial year.

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its Serious Sam with demons. wait, SS had demons... i guess its got that whole "gothic" thing going for it... i dont know what more i can say.


as for other recent demos:


far cry's controls and hit detection are extremely sloppy.

doom3's alpha build made me cream my pants.

hl2's alpha build made me laugh.

ninja gaiden.... *splurt*

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