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FBAX Skins Thread

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You guys are making it to hard to pick a skin. Someone hurry! Make a FBAX ramdom skin switcher  :lol:


  GLiTcH, my only suggestion is to lose the "loading" and the "ver 2".......and maybe the "ghozt". The reason I say this is....Well, that screen shot is also used for the settings screen. It's more of a "not the game list screen" than a loading screen. The reason I think you should lose the "ver 2" is because........I'll probably want to use it on any newer versions that come out. So the ver 2 text would be a bit obsolete. The reason I say to lose the Ghozt......no disrespect.......Someone might want to use this skin on FBAX B4.1. Sure it's got the spinning cube, but the new skins still look good on it.


  Now if this, or a future skin were to be included in a Gh0zt pack. Then I say leave the "Ghozt" and the "ver #" in. Otherwise it would be nice to use it with a different version.


  Keep up the good work. Maybe we will get an option to change skins in the next version of FBAX.



OOPS! I forgot to ask where I could dl your skin GLiTcH? Is it on your home page somewhere?

No worries mate. Im not all that big about havin my name stamped on there anyway cause quite simply im not the genius behind the emulator. I simply add drivers/support nip and tuck here and there..........


like someone said if you have a ghost version you know what you have and where it came from.


Im just happy were all gaming without limits.

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