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FBAX Skins Thread

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Well, I've offically scrapped Kawa-X as a neo geo emulator and now have all my neo roms running in FBAXGhozt, so i thought it's time to do a skin..


Here's my first one..for all Terry fans..a bit lame i suppose but I don't got much time (I did this just now at work hehe)


Preview here





Skin removed, try my skinpack here

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Just so you know I am aware that these skins need slightly resizing and im gonna get rid of the text cos it's too noisy...updates will be online 2morrow..


Sorry about that! I did the skins at work and so did not have a chance to test em til i got in.


Damn stupid!


Anyway if you like em be sure to post so Im not wastin my time!




EDIT: PS I am the same as razorbladesmile...another testement to my stupidity - I logged in as my previous username!

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