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  1. Just so you know I am aware that these skins need slightly resizing and im gonna get rid of the text cos it's too noisy...updates will be online 2morrow.. Sorry about that! I did the skins at work and so did not have a chance to test em til i got in. Damn stupid! Anyway if you like em be sure to post so Im not wastin my time! Peace. EDIT: PS I am the same as razorbladesmile...another testement to my stupidity - I logged in as my previous username!
  2. Hey. I have the plus package but it only seems to recognise svc, matrimelee, mslug4 and rotd.. I was hoping to get mslug5 and ss5 workin on there aswell.. thanks in advance!
  3. OK, so I'm trying to run various roms, sf ex, toshinden, sf ex 2. Problem is for each game, there is a common missing file: c0h1002.bin Can anyone advise? Thanks
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