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How do you backup Gamecube Games??

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This is a copy and paste job. It has not been tested......it was downloaded form overnet.



Backup Game Cube(par BBBTrueman de gamecopyworld)



Ok i have READ the GC-Disc in my DVD with Clone CD. The Disc finally CD has 75:12 min, the game is NHL Hitz 20-02, and Super Monkey Ball (73 min).


Here are the steps to make a COPY of you Game.






Don't close your DVD-Rom, put the GC-Disc in and


Last Step:

Click on Clone CD Backup-Read from DVD.




try it let me know it works. I will try it out eventually. :D


p.s. there are ways of playing the backups but im not in to piracy, just emulation. :)

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ok, what is PSO? never heard of that. And this broadband adapter? never heard of that either :-/ And, are you saying that I'll have to dump the game from the gamecube to my pc? I know that's how you do it with the xbox. Thanks for your replies!


P.S. I currently have a router, and that's how I backup my xbox games.

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PSO= Phantasy star online. There is a program I dont know what it is called but it was made by one of the gc dumping groups and with it u could dump the games. once u got the games on ur pc u can run another little program to network to ur gc and boot up any game u have on ur pc through the "broadband adapter". my frined even had it running from his xbox, that is he had the gc games stored on there. dont know how he did, so dont ask. i just know its possible. and no I dont mean he played then on xbox

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Okay, I've done this so I'll add what I know. You need the following items:



Gamecube Broadband Adapter

Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 & 2

A Crossover Cable between your PC and Gamecube


Now you need the following software:

Gamecube ISO Tool (Used to make Backups)

Paradox Gamecube Disc Server (Used to play Backups over the network to the GC)


Once you've done that, load up Phantasy Star Online (hereafter PSO) and input the following info under the network settings under Network Profile in Options:



Subnet Mask:


Primary DNS:


Change your network settings on your CPU to the following:



Subnet Mask:


Now start up the Gamecube ISO Tool on your CPU and start and online game with PSO. It should load the ISO Tool to the Gamecube instead of PSO logging into Sega's servers. Watch the screen and it will tell you to change discs so you can start ripping to your computer.


The output file will be a.gcm file. You can use this file using the Paradox Disc Server to upload the.gcm over the network and play it again on your Gamecube.


It also takes a long time to rip GC games (about an hour and a half) and I've only had a few successfully play back flawlessly. The others have some stuttering issues (due to the 10Mb network locked by Sega's PSO).


Hope that helps. There's also a good article here: http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/61273

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Ok, this sounds like something I can do! But may I ask where I could find the following items?


Broadband Adapter - Have no idea what this is, and where to attach it, how to use it, etc etc.

Phantasy Star Online Ep 1 & 2 - I take it this is a game you purchase. If I'm wrong, please explain.

Crossover Cable from GC to PC - Is this a special kind of cable, I see no CAT5 ports on my GC, everything is on the bottom of my GC, I see 3 removeable panels, could you please explain this to me as well? As well as what type of cable to purchase?


The software I believe I can find through the net. Everything else that has been typed I understand, and know I can do. And I also know what the other guy ment by playing them off of the xbox, he means the gc finds the games through the network, instead of searching the network for the pc, it searchs the network for the xbox, the ip address. :D Thanks so much guys!!! Can't wait to get started!

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90% of that software is on consolevision.com


the Broadband adaptor is a little box that plugs into the bottom of your GC and gives you a network port


a crossover cable (Also called Patch Cable) is simply a CAT5 cables with the wires inside reversed on one side

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buy PSO game.

buy broadband adapter, plug it in to bottom of the cube.


i have a router, you could use a second NIC if need be, or a crossover cable i guess. router is easiest, i have my GC, PS2 and XBOX all connected to mine.


you boot up PSO, then run the dumper from the pc side, then on PSO click online game, the dumper then launches and tells you to switch discs of the game you want to dump, then it begins dumping to your pc.


You then play the games from your pc... you CANNOT burn them to work on a GC (yet) however you can burn them and stream them from your pc drive if you want, but it makes no sense unless you have limited space on your HD.


Use the pheonix loader to run the games... some games work 99%, most have issues with sound and FMV sequences...


follow those instructions above to set your IP properly. its fairly easy.

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