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How do you backup Gamecube Games??

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You can make copies of gamecube games. You first do the extraction of the stuff, and make an ISO out of it, then you buy some mini-dvds (1.5 gigs, 8cm discs) from like www.allmediaoutlet.com and burn them, ive done this and it works. ive made so many copies from blockbuster and gamefly.com, i probably have all the games there are for GC.



I also found a piece of software called GC Ripper. GC ripper extracts the game directly to ISO.

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and besides, you cant copy, pop in, and play with DC either


the mini DVD support should eventually be supported, but not anytime soon

Wait, what if you have the Panasonic Q? That plays almost EVERYTHING you throw at it. I bet it won't have a prob. with Full size DVDs.


Also, isn't the only prob with backup discs on the Cube is that they don't spin the same direction as the official discs? Can't you make it so the laser reads the opposite direction and the motor runs the usual way? I dunno. Just inquiring.



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