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  1. I've done some softmods with the NDURE exploit and they work really well most of the time. Every once in a while, the machine won't boot to the dashboards. It's very rare, but it has happened. I think the biggest complaint I have about softmods is that you're required to lock the HDD to make it useable. In today's Xbox environment, it's not necessary to lock it anymore, since Xbox Live bannings are happening left & right. I think a modchip is still the best way to go and a properly installed one gives you stability and you can disable the opening animation, change colors, etc, unlike a softmod. As for dashboard, I prefer UnleashX myself. Built in Gamesaves Manager, File Explorer, Auto Update feature, built in FTP Client for Xbox to Xbox transfers, etc. make it really nice. I would use XBMC if it had an Auto Update feature due to the amount of times they release a new version and having to re-do my entire XML file and re-calibrate my TV screen every time is a pain in the ass.
  2. I got the demo as we'll be setting up a big tournament where we're at for it and I was not impressed by it. One attack button seemed pretty n00bish especially without the lack of depth. And what's up with the regenerating Life Bars?? I bet Wolverine will have a very fast recovery on that. Either way, it didn't seem like a well thought out game. I'll stick with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 even though it's old.
  3. Well, I've got 3 of the X2.6/X3 Style pin headers, so let me know if you're interested. I've also got about 7 or so of the v1.6 Rebuild boards available too.
  4. Hey Cinder, I might have a spare at my house (I'll look tonight), that I could send to you in an envelope if you're in the US. Since it should only be 37 cents that shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Modchips are cheap with so many different manufacturers now. I'd say invest in a Xecuter 2.6 (http://www.teamxecuter.com/) as they're cheap ($35 US + $5 S&H) and easy to install. If you can afford it, I'd say shoot for a larger hard drive. They are extremely easy to install and for your most popular games, it would be wise to put them on the HDD locally. This will drastically cut down on load time, so you'll have alot less waiting. I can't even play games on my Xbox anymore on disc due to the long load times. As for setting everything up, get Slayers Evox Installer (http://slayer.xbox-scene.com/). It will do all of the setup for you, from setting up apps to formatting the new HDD.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good NeoGeo CD Emulator for Xbox?? I've got around 20+ CD Images that I'd like to see if they work on the Xbox, but I've never messed with any CD Emulation for the Xbox aside from the Playstation Emu. Also, about using the NeoGeo CD Emulator, do I need to burn the images to a disc and run them that way or can I run them from the HDD??
  7. Okay, that doesn't have any OS on it that would have a built in FTP Server. You'll need a dashboard to FTP in. What Dashboard are you currently using (EvoX, Avalaunch, UnleashX, etc.)?? Also if you're trying to FTP in, make sure you're using xbox for both the username and password if they're still default. Don't do anonymous.
  8. I don't think the LPC rebuild is that bad at all. Using wires, then yes, but if you're using a Rebuild Board they are a piece of cake. I've probably done 30 or so v1.6s with no problems at all using the Rebuild Board. And if you're buying a chip that doesn't come with one, you should probably go ahead and invest in one since they're only like $5 and you'll spend half that on wire alone, not to mention all the headaches it'll save you from. Also if you are using a LPC rebuilt, here's a nifty little tip I found out. Make sure you pre-solder the points that the LPC rebuild is going on to. This makes it extremely easy to attach the board to the points with a small amount of solder. I have done this everytime and I can solder an LPC board on in a matter of seconds. Oh and use electrical tape to hold down the LPC rebuild until you've solder all the points. It helps keep it in place while you're working.
  9. As long as your Xbox is modded and you're using something like DVD2Xbox for file-checking while copying, then you should be fine. Loading from a hard drive almost seems to never fail on loading maps. Just check after the copy in DVD2Xbox that all files were copied. Newer versions of the software give you a warning after it's done alerting you that not all files were copied to the HDD correctly.
  10. except sfac. unless u rip sf3 n hsf2 from dvd.. i did, but have them on seperate folders on hd, just deleted the movie also <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So if you seperate SF3 & HSF2, do they load directly?? Also, how do you do that since I searched the xbox-scene backup forums and couldn't find any hints.
  11. I'm using Xlink Kai myself. Is anyone else using that??
  12. The new Xbox Media Center (11-15-04) w/ XLink Kai integration is da bomb!! Love playing Halo 2 online for free!!
  13. The 3x FRAG is usually an issue with d0. The only thing I can suggest is possibly cleaning the d0 poing and the connection of the Matrix Chip since it sounds like it's having issues staying in contact. I don't trust Matrix chips and their connection w/ d0 as it can be very difficult to align one. I'm putting one in for a friend of mine and I soldered the d0 from the chip to the backside d0 point of the motherboard and it works perfectly everytime. Unfortunately I stripped the screw to hold the chip in so I've gotta find another one tomorrow.
  14. Is anyone using XLink?? I set that thing up and it's pretty awesome so far. Pretty large user base as well.
  15. Crossover cables are easy to make and I make them all the time. If you don't intend on making lots of Ethernet Cables, I suggest you just buy a premade one. Most places sell them at outrageous prices, so if you have a local computer store, I'd call them and ask if they make custom cables. If they do, you can usually get them cheaper than some big name Tech place. If you do decide to make your own, get a kit that has the crimper with it. I've seen these at Best Buy for around $40 or so I think. It comes with enough stuff to make a few half dozen cables. Usually the crimper alone will cost you $40~$50 so the kit is a good deal. Also, there's a good article here on how to make crossover cables and how to tell the difference visually.
  16. I got my soldering iron at a local electronics store here. They deal almost exclusively with that kind of stuff. I've had it for years and I've never replaced the tip on it. As long as I keep it tinned both before and after use, it stays as shiny as the day I bought it. Weller soldering irons are pretty high quality and aren't necessarily needed, but I have the options to change out with a different wattage piece and ironing tip if need be.
  17. First off, read the rules: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?act=boardrules 1. DO NOT ask where to download WAREZ, ROMs, ISOs or BIOSes 2. DO NOT provide direct links to WAREZ, ROMs, ISOs or BIOSes. 3. DO NOT provide links to websites that link to WAREZ, ROMs, ISOs or BIOSes. Which that includes pieces of ROMS as well. As for that being out of the way. If you have a piece that is too large, I think there is a utility that will allow you to split it down to the correct size, but I know nothing of that since I've never split one up before. Maybe some of the other NeoGeo gurus can help.
  18. If you've already burned the disc, can't you put it in your Xbox and read all the files remotely via FTP??
  19. I saw some reviews on that thing and they were pretty bad. They say you should mostly use it for remote soldering and nothing involving large wire (like AWG 14 or less). Not to mention I heard the tips break very easily (since they're carbon or something like that). As for me, I've got a nice 40W Weller Soldering Iron that I've used for over 6 years now and it's done all of my mods perfectly. The investment was definitely well worth it. In the future I hope to get once that has an adjustable temperature like I've got at work, but Weller's are a pretty penny. Mine originally cost me a $100 when I got it.
  20. The machine plays DivX & XviD amazingly. I use the machine almost solely for watching DigiSubbed Anime. Out of about the 400 Episodes I've thrown at it, it only had issues playing back 1 of them. Pretty good odds I'd say.
  21. 280 can easily get you a budget PC which is many times superior than an xbox. Like I've said, unless you really like some of the xbox exclusive titles, there really isn't any reason to get this one. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That may be true, but sometimes you don't want all of the clunkiness of a computer. I use my Xbox to play emulators, which takes less time than for me to boot my CPU up and load up the emulator. The GUIs on the dashboards are simply designed to make it easy to navigate once you set them up. Plus I find my Xbox plays DivX & Xvid (not to mention a whole other slew of other types of video) better than my PC, plus I don't have to install 14 Million codecs as everything is in 1 nice package of software. Finally, I use my Xbox as a portable multimedia machine when I go traveling. The same cannot be said about a Computer as I have to lug the tower AND the monitor with me. As for the Xbox, I just put it in it's portable case and I'm gone. Once I get to the place I'm staying, I hook it up and do whatever me or my friends want to do, from playing games, to watching Videos, to watching DVDs. Oh and the Xbox way would still be cheaper since you don't have to even get a Hard Drive if you burn everything on disc, plus you don't even need a modchip if you do the TSOP flash. So effectively you could look at $150 for a retail multimedia system that plays emulated games.
  22. Playstation chips most definitely. About half of those always solder to SMT points as where the Xbox is just one Pin Header and a d0 which is pretty easy if you use the ones on the back of the motherboard.
  23. What if someone made a torrent of the full set?? That would make it easy for people who already have a majority of them since it would only download the ones you don't have, plus it would help those who don't have any. I wouldn't mind seeding a torrent for a week or two if I could get the last sets of roms (mostly the latest changes, about 15 or so roms).
  24. Well if everyone currently needs pieces/roms for the newest release, why don't we use something like a DC HUB or IRC share between since it would be pretty easy to do instead of having to bother with an FTP. I could set one up, but my upload is REALLY horrible. I wouldn't mind sharing the stuff I have if I could get the few fills I need as well.
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