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  1. has anyone else checked this out. i was shocked when i tried this. i was amazed. this has awesome graphics and is really cool. i hope its as easy to set as it looks really good. best frontend i have download ever.
  2. This is a copy and paste job. It has not been tested......it was downloaded form overnet. Backup Game Cube(par BBBTrueman de gamecopyworld) Ok i have READ the GC-Disc in my DVD with Clone CD. The Disc finally CD has 75:12 min, the game is NHL Hitz 20-02, and Super Monkey Ball (73 min). Here are the steps to make a COPY of you Game. FIRST: RUN CLONE CD SECOND: Don't close your DVD-Rom, put the GC-Disc in and Last Step: Click on Clone CD Backup-Read from DVD. ATTENTION!!!!! CLONE CD MUST CLOSE THE DVD- OR THE SOFTWARE CAN'T READ THE DISC. try it let me know it work
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