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KOF2003 Working On FBAx


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if link is dead, contact me immediatly pliz =)




HACKED BY -YOSHIHIRO- and DESIGNED BY -ARTIK- (www.iceberg-production.com)


enjoy this french hack


features :

-new neogeo bios (easy change arcade/console mode)

-CRC check removed

-Check size removed (P1 can now get the size you want)

-skin redesigned by artik

-"big cube" removed (too ugly lol)

-all kof serie now work (94 to 2003....enjoy !)

-all new preview pics added

-all bosses available in kof2003 without cheats (they are invisible, at the bottom of the "select player")

-all cps1 preview has been resized


if a file has not the good name in your rom, lauch it, then rename it as fbax will ask you

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yeah man, had to be the dumb f*ck to ruin it for the rest of us. thanks alot dipsh*t


just to note, this verision is dead on the same as N3OGH0ST's except for him removing the cube and having his damn name all over the damn emu and even the roms :) what lame sh*t

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"I really hope you reply to this thread.."


no sorry i'll not. we only didn't for people like you..(now happy to play kof2003 on xbox)

Well if thats all it had to do with, then why go to Lantus and boast about this?


If you bothered to look around, you would have seen everybody is already playing kof2003 on fbax.......


So was it for us? or for you?

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