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i dont know about you guys


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i do wish to honor the creator's requests, but let's look at the whole picture. Emulators in the first place walk on a fine line of legality. While they are built to "emulate" said games, they don't in fact include those games.


It's along the same lines as PS2 modchips. They, Sony, argue they are used to play bootlegs etc etc. Some respectable users like myself, use a modchip mainly to play imports (surprise, i'm not too big on bootlegs...lol) The code in a modchip merely circumvents the copyright protection. Aren't emulators doing the same? Yes, they are.


Now we come down to the files. Most games can run by themselves, but some code had to be constructed to circumvent their copy protection and play them on a pc/xbox. The NeoGeo games go even a bit farther into dark territory as you need a bios, or LICENSED snkp code, to run the games in the first place.


Emulator Author's responses to that is "Don't ask us where to get it" as if they can completely wash their hands of the whole ordeal. That's like selling someone the parts to a silenced automatic pistol and telling them "I don't know where to get the instructions on putting it together - oh and please don't shoot anyone if you manage to build it." :lol:


While that's not the best analogy, you can easily see where i'm coming from.


If you're going to create an emulator, KNOW that it will be hacked and always reconfirm that the hacked version is NOT a supported release. Don't go pissin fire saying you're not going to keep working on it because if it's really an issue, you should have never made it in the first place.


This especially goes for xbox since the emulator authors are using stolen MS code to write their programs. Stop your bellyaching and just do your crap. Damn.


again - don't go publically annoucing you've got a hacked fbax that runs kof2k3....ie don't go pissing flames.


let's move on...bleh.



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yeah, that's standard emulator author practice...heh


i'm just sayin don't stop workin on your stuff because there are a few talented people who can hack it.


like the whole razoola thing and kof2k3 that turned out to be a "hoax." (i seriously think they were bluffing, but we'll leave that subject alone.)


there will always be hackers and rom dumpers....nuff said...heh



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i have been reading Prica24/25´s post, and i got this from neocover:


its all about the authors wishes. for example - Forgotten doesnt seem to mind that gba rom scene can play the most up to date roms. If he did then it would be a different issue. the FBA authors told us that we have their blessing in porting FBA to the xbox as long as we respect their wishes - which includes no 2002+ drivers. As FBAx continues to be developed we will continue respecting this.


so today, some moron posted a link to a hacked kof2003 fbax xbe, then some other idiot posted the driver source on lantus-x.com. problem #1 - linking to xbe's and #2 linking to xbe's that are against the authors wishes.


tell me why myself and TMaul shouldn't be upset by it? Idiots who ask about getting mslug5 working for example deserve their thread locked. Our (the authors) wishes are that you do not do this. I personally dont mind if you recompile the FBAx source - which is why we offer it to you, but i do have an issue when you start linking to hacked binaries and/or show off screenshots of roms that were never meant to be played.


do it in your own home.


In my opinion we should all respect the author wishes but if that the case then we all should respect MS´s and Sony´s wishes then non of us would be here and x-s won´t exist because what they are is motivating people to use hacked softws.

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ah, i love this.


someone writes software using a piece of STOLEN software and suddenly they think they have some kind of rights to it.


these people are lucky that MS doesnt bring the hammer down just for the fact that they are writing illegal code using their development kits. whats the deal? they want to 'respect' the developers of arcade games and not support recent games, and yet they wont even respect MS, the company who made all of this possible.


twisted flocking logic i tells ya. these punks who spend their lives in front of a computer pounding out code for some reason have developed a retarded sense of self-importance. nuts to these fools. authors, stop working on the emulator if you want. make it harder to crack if you want. but either way stop crying about it because you have absolutely no right.

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I saw that post as well.....the person whoever posted that is a f@#$ moron.....why would he post that crap at a forum where Lantus posts.... :D


I agree with you Ovalprocess but you have to remember that Lantus and others are spending their own time in developing an emulator for all of us to enjoy and they don't want to see their hardwork or trust be abused by idiots who showoff with hacked games etc...

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ok theres a new post about kof2k3 by another dumbass but we know him here as well by almost the same name Sammaz.


now if i had the power i would just ban him from here, but the truth of the matter is that he hasn't done anything wrong here yet so it won't happen.


everyone plz read and remember this: if you like it, enjoy it but if others don't like what you're doing then STFU and keep it to yourself!


thx for understanding :D

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