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i dont know about you guys


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posting crap at XS about running banned games on fbax or kawax is just patchetic. the one i just saw got Lantus pissed off.. Its also posted at his site.. if you got games working dont go n show them off... i for one dont want fbax to be discontinued..


I'm not blaming anybody here(except for those flockers that posted this).. but you have to be smarter that... dont go acting like a 10 yr with a new toy showing it off to his friend..


*counts to 10*

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um....is it me or is the entire xbox-scene.com community a bunch of hypocrits?


i used to post there regularly, and i just got tired of their "i'm holier than thou" attitude and tiptoe around the subject motif.


flock it....if you're gonna make an emulator for the xbox, release the source...least give us something to flock around with.


xbox emulation is all about exploring...nuff said.


if you don't want people to have the source, you shouldn't have stolen code to write your program...


and any joe schmoe who says "but i have XDK" is bullshitting me and needs to get thrown in jail. bleh.


*whole subject makes shadowjin very angry - goes to play more games and be poor*





ps - hacked bioses using MS's code isn't any worse than running KoF2k3 on an xbox emulator. said and done.

Edited by shadowjin
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so basically you went to another country starting crap?


lol not good.


X-S is known to be a Nazi-Style forum and everyone knows it. THe fact is that the people that MAKE stuff and DEVELOP have shared their views about this. Its best to keep to ourselves and appreciate new developments in the scene.


Kawa-X development to me is dead.


BUt FBAX has just begun........we shouldnt crap on it by posting in forums that the developers clearly hang out and are active in talkin about all the stuff thats goin on in the undergound.


Lots of valid arguments but really theres nothing to argue about.


Unless someone here can convert new PC sources to XBOX for FBA, we kinda need the fbax team to keep supporting fba.

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I look at it in the same vein as mame.


The source is there, you can add support for whatever you want, but dont go around (at least publically) distributing it


I imagine the same idea was instilled into fbax. so recompile it all you want, just dont advertise it.

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i just made a topic on x-s about this whole bs, any willing to give any good points about this are more then welcome to answer :bat:

.... if i remember correctly Lantus posted that he locked newer games cause fba pc fallows the same rule as mame,kawaks... yes, we know there are loaders for kawaks n you can compile your own mame... n if he saw games running on it by ppl posting pics he was gona cancel it.. all i'm saying is I'm looking forward for fbax b5, Psikyo n the open source.. to add the games again...

i don't see ppl adding drivers to xba to play the Famicom Mini Vol games :ph34r:.. if the author of vba added them then its not our problem that we play the newer games.. on xba..




Also quote from TMaul

Posting things like this is not funny. As FBAx is open source we kind of expect people who are stupid enough to enjoy pirating the latest neogeo software to build thier own versions with thier own knowledge. Posting things like this will affect any future public releases of FBAx.


Also any websites hosting any hacked or complied verions of FBAx that can play any neogeo game that wasn't enabled in the last public release would be wise to remove them asap.

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