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  1. the only one free that i know is lycos.tripod, but for a good php/mysql host you have to pay for it
  2. anyone can help me out with what do i need to use them
  3. From the ones on the poll the best one is "Seek and Destroy", after that i would vote on "Master Of Puppets" and "Battery" for the note, everything that Metallica has put out after the black album is pretty much has if they have done nothing 'cause i really don't like a bit of any of them.
  4. i started by a state of the art spectrum 48k, WEEEEEEEE old games are more like arkanoid and pong
  5. I don't have any problem with that, i'm "on GMT" so i don't have much to worry about, the rest is irrelevant
  6. but sega was luckier they still had the software department to keep on the name, Cyrix is now just a memory
  7. i'm gonna wait for the FX-50 to come out, i'm not in the mood for buying registered memories (i'll keep those in mind if i build and opteron based server) btw about cyrix, they had a nice concept, which is actually what amd uses today, more MIPS, less MHz, but the arquitecture wasn't good enough (the world wasn't technologically advanced enough for it)
  8. AMD all the way, although SPARC cpus (SUN) are gr8 for some work
  9. it's likely that your winrar is forked, try reinstalling it
  10. that problem has nothing to do with the filename, it's related to p1 rom (if i'm not mistaken) code
  11. Hmm..each link goes to the same logo? ups, fixed it, that's the problem when we try to create html pages using notepad and then use copy&paste
  12. all logos i've had some problems with the previous host, so here's the new link with all files
  13. nice, looks like you're almost out of ideias, since it looks a lot like mine 1emulation dotcom logo for small use 1emulation dotcom logo for small use without background
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