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Streetfighter 3 Third Strike

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I have succeeded emulating the CPS3 on a 459 MHz CPU with 2 GB of ram :P

Post it post it! Show me pics show me pics!! Don't be like Frost's friend! :P

More importantly, post the piece of code that defines the encryption bypass routines.

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I hope you guys know I'm joking right o.o


Anyways, yeah, a few friends of mine are trying to break it. I don't think we ever will, don't have that much expericene with arcade boards, just GBA carts :/

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...I was lying about my ants too  :lol:


Sorry to dissapoint you guys!


  :ph34r:  :D  :lol:

Oh you bastard...I deleted 4 gigs of important stuff to make room for all the ROMs which I was expecting to be pouring from your ants.


flock you and flock your ants... :lol:

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