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ATI or Nvidia???


ATI or Nvidia ???  

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ATi. After the optimized drivers and Mark3D lawsuit incindint, nVidia really seems lacking now. BTW, If any of you have a 5200, please get a 4600 Ultra, those are much better. ATi, affordable and the enthuist's choice(that means, very stable compared to other's, and very OC friendly)

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I'm in the market for a new video card myself. This GeForce2 MX is no longer bearable.


I know that the NVidia 5900 FX Ultra has performance similar to the Radeon 9800 pro when running Windows-based games, but I'm going to try very hard this year to completely ditch Windows (or come pretty darned close). The Linux and OpenGL support that card manufacturers offer is very important, and from what I hear, NVidia is beating out ATI for loyalty among Linux enthusiasts. Many are beginning to speculate that ATI's deal with MS on the XBOX2 will cause ATI to kill their Linux driver support, thanks to sneaky dealings with Microsoft.


I also hear that sometime in April or May ATI will unveil a new chipset. I'll wait for a price cut around that time.


I got me a Linux-compatible sound card... now I just need a video card that works well with Linux (for games like Cube, Unreal, Doom, Savage, Quake and what-not. Yes, those games work natively in Linux. No, half-life won't work natively in Linux, because Valve is Microsoft's biatch).


If anyone can gimme the low-down on 3D graphics cards, lemme know.

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There's only one OpenGL game coming out anytime soon and that's Doom3. True, the engine will most likely follow a bunch of other games, but still. Carmack even said himself that he 9800Pro leads in framerate at certain parts and the FX 5900 leads in others.


9800Pro smacks down anything nvidia related in DirectX9, plus it's cheaper!


Why do you want to pay more for less preformance? :blink:

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but Nvidia's video cards supports OpenGL! ! ! doesnt that matter ?? ^_^

Open GL is a dying breed. It will be replaced with DirectX9 games soon, such as Halo.

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The ATi 9700 series brought OpenGL2.0 support to home PCs! SILLY! ^_^


Yeah, OpenGL is dying. OpenGL used to be better then DirectX, but as of DX8 it's pretty much been the other way around and DX just keeps getting better and better.


Rule of thumb with ATi's drivers. Always stay one driver release behind. :)

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At least with their staff, if any new bug appears in a game, theres useally a patch within 24 hours notice. This drivers are getting better scine 3.7.

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