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Metal Slug 5 on Kawa-X


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when i load the game usein kawa-x it loads the game but its so messed up theres white dots all over the place and then when i hit back to put in coins it looks normal then when i hit start the sound is repeating fast and theres like little boxes with some colors but it changes every 2-5 secs u cant see anything that looks like a game.i was woundering if theres a way to fix this problem


thnx for the help

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alright, i'm back. i deleted the cfg files from TDATA, remade my dvdr disc from scratch, and the those same roms freeze at the same places.




-freezes at 262-m1d.bin (crc DFB90CA)




-freezes at 268-p1n.bin (crc 975EB06A)




-freezes at svc-v4.rom (crc B57B4EA3)




-runs, but glitched, and i swear it's playing kof2001 instead.


anyway, those are my problems. if anyone has gotten all of the games to run from a dvdR, i'd like to know how they did it. everything's fine from my HDD, but once i make a dvdr, this is what happens.

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i know. usually, dvdrw's work better than dvdr's. if a movie skips on a dvdr, it'll probably work fine on a dvdrw. the problem is, my seven other friends can't use them, and i'd say they all play these games more than i do. i'd still like to know what you did to get both xbe's on one disc. did you use the CDX menu, or something else?

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thought I would bring this up, I bumped into a site that had fixes for mslug5nd romset by using the included ips patcher. the patches does the following from the readme:

p1 - 975eb06a to 3b4eda6b


V1 - C3540E0D to DC7F03F0

V2 - 077BD2F4 to EEB7C926

V3 - 39B14567 to 02FD519E

V4 - 969FF3B2 to D7C67794


now something else i found out in the dat it includes tho was that theres another m1d rom thats smaller (64k) ;). So I grabbed the rom set they had on the site it had the m1d.


now kawa-hex's mslug5nd m1d rom is set for 128k and trying to use 64k will just lockup the xbox. so if you want to change it, do the following (big thx to Mr. X for helping me on this):

1. Open the default.xbe with a hex app (i perfer hex workshop)


2. Click on edit and choose find and type in the CRC of kof2k1nd's m1 in reverse order EG: if the CRC is 1234 5678, you search for 7856 3412. Theres 2 locations for the CRC and Both must changed in order for this to work.


3. Right before the CRC there should be a 0200, you change it to 0100 and you're done :D


I'll give out the link to the site which is HERE


just to note, even tho the site says fixes for nebula I already tested the rom with fixes on winkawaks\kawa-x and it works perfect :)


P.S. for those of you that still need kof2k3 rom, this site has it too B)

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