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Metal Slug 5 on Kawa-X


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Why haven't you removed P2 to avoid splitting mslug5nd P1 ?


To do it :


- replace the name of P2 rom where there're roms names with......... (values 00 00 00 00 00 00) ;


- replace P2 CRC + size with........ (values 00 00 00 00 00 00 etc).


You will notice Kawa-X will load only P1 rom.



Also, it's better to replace "glitched" like Super Sidekicks series.

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i'd loove mr.x's and i'm sure it DOES work great. i've been waiting for "the site to be updated" for a little while now. if someone would send it to me, that'd be great, but until then, it looks like i have to work with what's released.


nm. odd timing, i guess.

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hmm, since people are talking here again, i had this brilliant idea to put all the roms together on one disc and mr.x's two xbe's. using the cdx menu, i figured i could throw everything together and have both xbe's use the same roms folder. great.....except:


once i threw everything on the disc, everything showed up fine, it's just that metal slug 5 won't load past its p1n rom (freezes), kof 2002 is all glitched up, svc chaos (either one) won't load past.....er, some file i can't remember, but it's not the first one. i'm pretty sure the others are fine, but if ms5 won't work, it defeats the whole purpose of all that work.


and it's not the roms, btw. i tested all of them on my HDD before making a dvd-r, and they all worked using the cdx method. it seems to me that ms5 and svc freeze up right before it goes to the neogeo.zip file. my plan is to put the files from the neogeo.zip into each of the games that freeze up, but that wouldn't solve the problem with kof 2002.


anyway, just reporting in. :lol:

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no, the burner's fine. 200 good, 1 bad. and all of the roms worked on dvd with the SE that ran samurai showdown 5. i renamed them properly to work on these two xbe's (they worked on my HDD), but once i tried to load them from my dvd-r, they freeze where the neogeo bios files are supposed to come in. i'm gonna try my solution one day, but like i said, it still won't fix the kof 2002 problem, and i'm low on disks. maybe once i get some dvd-rw's.


and as for the xbe that now needs a patch to run metal slug x, i might try that one again, but if it couldn't run msx without a patch, i'm really reluctant to use a dvd-r hoping it'll play everything else.

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