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Metal Slug 5 on Kawa-X


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Awesome patch man!! You did one hell of a job. Its nice to play all my games in one emulator, instead of having 3 different kawa-x xbes. I deffently like how you put the "+" sign infront of the new games so its easier to find.Keep up the good work and THANKS!!

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I have made a patch for kawa-x 011 to load :

metal slug 4

metal slug 5

king of fither 2002


I have remapped the roms list into the menu

and renamed the rom to be loaded.

So u can use the real name of the roms.


the roms removed are :


2020 Super Baseball (alternate set)

Magician Lord (alternate set)




for mslug5 u need to replace th P1 rom

http://Blah' target='_blank'>

Id really like to know how you used 2020 and Magician Lord as replacements to Mslug4, Mslug5 and King of Fighters 2002.


just curious.

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i don't think its the rom you built but the rom he replaced it with eg: mslug4 works on kof99 but the music cuts off but put as rbff2 and it works perfect


i still use kawa-x se and i just use the svcbl as mslug5 and it works perfect


also someone reported about some sound probs with svcplus using his default.xbe

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Well there may be some issues as reported but overall I personally am impressed with his work. I havent actually tested the xbe or seen it in action but I have compared the patched xbe to the original just to see all that was done.


I cant even begin to understand how he would have realized to do the things he did to make those games run. Pretty interesting stuff that id like to learn.

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