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  1. I have made a patch with mslugx workable. I haven t tested all the roms because I m in dial-up connection Please reply this message to tell me if there are roms with problems. www.geocities.com/ciccior2003/KawaPatch.zip
  2. try coping the link without clicking www.geocities.com/ciccior2003/KawaPatch.zip
  3. Finally i have finished the patch Games added : 1 CrouchingTiger Hidden Dragon 2003 2 Matrimelee 3 Metal Slug 4 4 Metal Slug 5 5 Rage of the Dragon 6 Samurai Shodow V 7 Snk vs Capcom PLUS 8 The king of Fighter 2002 Games removed : 1 2020 Super Baseball (alternate set) 2 Garou: Mark of the Wolves (prototype) 3 Magician Lord (alternate set) 4 Sengoku (alternate set) 5 The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle (prototype) The games in the menu are sorted by names with the original roms. http://www.geocities.com/ciccior2003/KawaPatch.zip
  4. I m not able to search a link for your hexed version, in any way i m working to make an hexed version adding games and deleting only duplicated roms. Have u just made it ?
  5. I hope to finish today the patch for the others rom not listed in kawa-x removing only (alternate set) roms
  6. I have made a patch for kawa-x 011 to load : metal slug 4 metal slug 5 king of fither 2002 I have remapped the roms list into the menu and renamed the rom to be loaded. So u can use the real name of the roms. the roms removed are : 2020 Super Baseball (alternate set) Magician Lord (alternate set) http://www.geocities.com/ciccior2003/kawapatch.zip for mslug5 u need to replace th P1 rom
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